Shroud carries randoms to incredible Apex Legends victory


Former racking up over 25 million total players. Yet, for shroud, the title is just another playground in which he can dominate opponents.

The CS:GO pro-turned streamer dominated the month of February on Twitch, amassing over 495 thousand new followers. He showed why thousands of viewers tune into his stream on a daily basis, as he carried two random players to victory – culminating with an incredible final two-on-one battle.

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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends is played in teams of three but you’ll a lot more than that to stop shroud.

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One of his teammates, joshdn13, made his own bold attempt to win the game for his squad by taking on the remaining pair of enemies head-on. However, he was quickly vanquished – leaving shroud with it all to do.

Leaving his teammate to die, the streamer quickly attempted to flank his opponents after giving himself a health boost. He laid down fire with his EVA-8, knocking one of the final two to the ground. However, as the other attempted to revive their downed partner, shroud immediately fired off another round of shots – picking up the kill and the victory.

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The difference in the three players post-game stats revealed just how heavy a weight shroud carried on his shoulders. The former CS:GO pro racked up 22 kills and dealt over 4100 damage, while the next highest on his squad achieved two kills while dealing 272 damage.

The incredible highlight shows just why shroud has achieved the success he has when it comes to battle royale titles. His immense gaming talent shines through and there aren’t many, if any, in the world who can compete with him.

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