Shroud and Dr DisRespect Meet the Best ‘Stream Snipers’ Ever in PUBG

Calum Patterson

As the two most popular PUBG streamers on Twitch, both Dr DisRespect and shroud suffer more than their fair share of ‘stream snipers’, but recently met a stream sniper with a difference.

If unfamiliar, stream snipers are essentially in-game trolls, who will watch the channel of a popular player in order to target, harass or just generally annoy them.

Dr DisRespect and shroud both regularly attract viewers in the tens of thousands, so there are always people looking to find them in game and get their moment of attention.

With PUBG’s ‘proximity chat’ settings, any player within range of another on the map can hear their microphone, so PUBG stream snipers typically use this to yell expletives etc. while they know they’re on broadcast.

But recently, shroud has been running into a different, more creative breed of stream snipers, who rather than trying their best to be obnoxious, perform songs for him instead.

After this first example at the end of a match, it seems a trend has begun.

Next, shroud and Dr DisRespect were playing together, when another stream sniper wanted to show off his singing skills in the 1v1 vs shroud, instead of actually winning the match.

The Doc explains: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the difference between shroud’s stream snipers, and the Doctor’s stream snipers.”

The lyric to the song, ‘Wadu hek’, originates from another popular Twitch streamer, Wadu, who was known as a stream sniper himself.

Twitch itself frowns upon stream snipers, and has even been known to hand out bans to users doing it to other partnered streamers on the platform, in an effort to curb the trolling.

But, as shroud shows, maybe not every stream sniper has bad intentions.