Scarce Talks About his Self-Consciousness, Boxing Injuries and Fighting for his Father

YouTuber Scarce made his first comments following his fight on the KSI vs Logan Paul undercard.

He opened up on a number of issues, including his past struggles with weight and the injuries he is dealing with after the fight.

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Scarce was teased and criticized for sucking in his stomach during the weigh in for his fight, a habit he says was developed over years of dealing with weight issues.

They call me up on stage to do the weigh-in. Man, even PewDiePie reacted to this and he was telling me, ‘Scarce, you need to stop sucking in your stomach. What is wrong with you?’

I don’t know how many of you guys know this about me but I was almost 300 pounds. Literally less than a year ago dude. I was so heavy, people used to make fun of me for it all the time… I’ve been really self-conscious . I was the kid in high school, even grade school, that would leave my shirt on in the pool.

I took my shirt off and instantly I’m like, I got to suck in my stomach, because that’s what I do all the time…. I was sucking in my stomach because I was totally self-conscious about everything.

Scarce shared his drastic weight loss transformation on Twitter before the fight.

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He also discussed the personal issues that inspired him during the fight, including losing his father just weeks before.

I took a lot of punches, it hurt really badly, but I kept fighting… The reason why I did that was because this wasn’t about me. This fight was so much bigger than me just going out there for some YouTuber event. If you don’t know, six weeks ago my Dad passed away.

I don’t know if there’s an afterlife… if he’s looking down on me like people say, I would hope that he was watching me in that ring and I did not want to go down with my Dad watching me.

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Scarce did not go down, but he did not leave the ring unscathed.

He suffered a broken nose, along with typical boxing aches and pains in his neck and jaw.

Scarce’s complete comments are contained in the video below.