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Nerd City Destroys Jake Paul, Claims That Every One of His Videos Breaks the Law

Published: 2/Sep/2018 0:30 Updated: 2/Sep/2018 0:45

by Vincent Genova


YouTuber Nerd City has issued an eviscerating take down of Jake Paul in his latest video.

Unlike most critics of Jake Paul, Nerd City went to another level in claiming that Paul’s videos are illegal.

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The United States and European Union passed laws that regulated how children could be advertised to and these laws are what NerdCity’s argument revolves around.

The [1990 Children’s Television Act] does several things that intended to stop scumbags like the Pauls from exploiting younger viewers. Shows may not include commercials for products related to the program or featuring characters from the program.

The CTA also stated that no more than 20% of a children’s program runtime can be advertisements.

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After establishing that Jake Paul targets children with his YouTube channel, using quotes from Paul himself, Nerd City analysed a recent Paul vlog to see if it follows the CTA.


Out of a 13:57 video, nearly seven minutes of that time is devoted to advertising products. 50%.

His advertising time is not the only law Paul breaks either, Nerd City dug up another one that is repeatedly ignored.

Another prohibited tactic that Jake employs is to tell kids to tell their parents what to buy, that’s called pester power, and it’s illegal under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive of the European Union.

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Nerd City goes on to show a number of incidents that may not be illegal, but should not be in a channel targeted towards children.

The actual Jake Paul merchandise was not spared either, as the video shows most of it comes from online clip art or is even stolen from actual clothing designers.

To watch Nerd City’s complete video, you can check it out below.