News YouTuber ‘Scarce’ Updates Fans with Weight Loss Pictures – and his Progress is Shocking

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Aug 27, 2018

In a recent Tweet, news and drama YouTuber John ‘Scarce’ shared pictures of himself from six months ago.

His past appearance is quite a contrast to that in his recent videos.

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The two pictures Scarce uploaded highlighted his weight loss.

Fans and regulars of his channel will note a massive difference in his appearance. While Scarce is quite slim in his most recent video, pictures from six months back show a different side of the YouTuber.

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Scarce confirmed that he had lost over 100 pounds since taking the pictures six months ago, citing his change as a “weight loss transformation.”

John also teased an upcoming video detailing his weight loss within the Tweet.

“Here’s my weight loss transformation, 100 lbs in 6 months 😁. Will post a full video on the whole journey next week!”

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Scarce revealed more details about his journey within the Tweet thread, disclosing what inspired him to make the change and his starting and ending weight. In a humorous response to DrChiz, Scarce admitted that he got tired of hearing others talk fitness while he ate junk food.

“I actually started hitting the gym back in april 2017 because I couldn’t stand listening to all the fitness talk while lying around eating ice cream 😂. Pka was definitely a huge inspiration (especially kyle’s fat shaming)”

Scarce revealed that he dropped from 280 pounds to 176 since March – over 100 pounds difference.

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Scarce’s Tweet was posted on August 25th, the same date as his fight on the KSI vs Logan Paul undercard. Scarce went up against fellow YouTuber and skit creator RackRacka, losing the match three rounds to one.

Scarce’s weight loss echoes that of other YouTubers, such as Gabbie Hanna’s emotional transformation as recorded on her channel.