Scam accounts pretending to be Amouranth are abusing Twitch’s new Hot Tubs section

Theo Salaun
twitch amouranth hot tubs section scam fake accounts

Twitch’s new “Hot Tubs, Pools, and Beaches” category is already being abused by scam accounts using re-broadcasts of streamers like Amouranth, Corinna Kopf, and Indiefoxx to lure in hundreds of viewers.

The “Hot Tub meta” took over Twitch and the platform responded by giving the content its own category, noting that “being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules.” Unfortunately for Twitch staff, that category has now become home to relentless rule-breaking and scam accounts.

While many are happy that streamers like Amouranth, Corinna Kopf, and Indiefoxx can now comfortably hang out in their hot tubs on Twitch — others are taking advantage of the situation. 

Either re-broadcasting one of the aforementioned streamers’ VODs or even just streaming a picture of them, tons of scam accounts are gaming the system for views, follows, subscriptions, donations, and, in some cases, suspicious outbound links.

As you can see in the above screenshots, scam accounts are bold in their efforts. A fake Amouranth stream from 10gibbo is advertising a “free only Fans” for donations, while a fake IndieFoxx (actually named igmsaxfn) promises a “twerk” for a subscription and $5 PayPal gift.

Scam accounts infamously litter the CSGO section of Twitch, among others, which follow the same formula: impersonate a large streamer in an attempt to capitalize on unsuspecting viewers.

One fake account sets a whole other standard for this hustle, though. Using a screenshot of Kopf, along with an overlay that reads “be right back, changing bikinis,” connersz has hundreds of viewers. 

connersz corinna kopf fake stream
A Twitch streamer using Corinna Kopf’s likeness to earn hundreds of viewers.

A self-described “18-year-old washed professional Fortnite player,” connersz is sitting around 200 viewers consistently and — as seen in his chat — has been live for over 15 hours.

From being washed at Fortnite to receiving hundreds of viewers waiting to watch Kopf wash, connersz embodies the latest evolution in Twitch hustles. As of yet, the platform hasn’t cracked down on these fake accounts, but one can be sure that this new category is going to require a lot of company attention.

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