Rudeism plays Apex Legends with a fake leg

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer Dylan ‘Rudeism’ Beck is known for playing games with crazy, homemade controllers, and his latest Apex Legends creation is no exception.

Rudeism is known for his odd video game controllers, including an interactive teapot to play Overwatch with – arguably the most English way to play a game that’s ever been conceived.

He’s also made a controller out of a Baguette and frozen pizza to play Brigitte with – playing on the hero’s popular nickname since no one knew how to pronounce “Brigitte” when she first came out.

Break a leg, Rudeism

The streamer revealed his latest creation of a mannequin leg covered in buttons and triggers to viewers on Monday, August 19.

Rudeism’s Apex leg has motion sensors that allow it to aim in-game and enough buttons and triggers for all of your Apex Legends needs.

The leg was a hit on Reddit, where it even got a response from an Apex Developer Drew ‘RespawnDeco’ McCoy (that didn’t ignite a firestorm of controversy shortly after).

“I guess you’ve got a leg up on your opponents,” Deco wrote, which is what we were all thinking, but too proud to say.

The leg seems to have given Rudeism some kind of luck – because he was able to become an Apex Legend in Solos mode using only the leg.

We guess that makes him the first true Apex Leg-end out there (sorry, we’ll stop now).

Why are people still mad about Iron Crown?

Outside of Rudeism’s crazy little bubble, the Apex community has been in turmoil ever since the game’s developers changed how the shop would work during the event on Friday, August 16, and threw in a few choice words to describe certain players.

This all came to a head on Monday, August 19 when Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella addressed a developer calling players “freeloaders”, among other things, on the game’s subreddit.

So Rudeism may not have set the new world record for kills in a solo match with his leg controller, but it was a nice break from the Developer vs. Subreddit drama cycle players have currently found themselves in.

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