Riley Hubatka finally clears up Bryce Hall relationship rumors

Bryce Hall next to Riley HubatkaInstagram: brycehall / rileyhubatka

Influencer Riley Hubatka has finally cleared up rumors about her and TikToker Bryce Hall, denying that they were in a relationship after months of fan speculation that the pair were romantically involved.

Rumors that Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka were together first sprung up around July 2021, after a video emerged of Bryce kissing a mystery girl in a club, who many claimed was Riley.

The pair quickly responded to the speculation in a TikTok video at the time, in which Bryce said “she’s like my sister!” and Riley joked “get his name out of my comments immediately.”

However, in the months following, fans continue to believe the pair were in some sort of relationship after several moments in Bryce’s YouTube vlogs, with them even sharing a kiss on camera.

Bryce Hall nearly kissing Riley HubatkaYouTube: Bryce Hall
Fans were flipping out after Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka smooched for a YouTube thumbnail as “clickbait.”

In August, Bryce firmly denied that they were seeing each other, but fans still weren’t convinced.

Now, in an appearance on the BFFs podcast, Riley has explained her side of the situation, and maintained that she and Bryce were never together.

“That was never a confirmed relationship,” she said. “I know that there were so, so many different theories about what was going on. People thought that we were hooking up.” However, Riley clarified: “We actually were not, we literally were just hanging out.”

In response to claims that she was “clout farming,” she responded: “I’ll put it like this, I was in LA for a month and a half, two months. I was out there, I was just having a good time, hanging out with people that I normally don’t get to see, and were we flirting? Yeah, sure. But it was never a confirmed relationship. I was also leaving and we both knew that so nothing was ever gonna come out of it.”

“We’re good friends, and nothing has really changed. Was I maybe being cryptic with some of my tweets? Yeah. I’m also kind of immature, so…”

With the rumors denied on both sides, there’s no doubt that Bryce fans will be keeping an eye out on who the star could be involved with next.