Elon Musk thinks Twitter’s new NFT profile picture tool is “annoying”

Elon Musk annoyed by Twitter NFT profile picture toolJD Lasica, Wikimedia Commons / Twitter / Yuga Labs, 101 Bored Ape Yacht Club

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has thrown in his two cents regarding Twitter’s new NFT profile picture option — and it doesn’t look like he’s a big fan.

On January 13, Twitter announced that it would be rolling out a new feature that allows NFT owners the chance to flex their exclusive digital tokens in their profile pictures.

The tool lets NFT owners show verifiable proof of ownership with a hexagonal image frame, effectively dashing the hopes and memes of right-click-and-saving internet trolls.

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Although the feature is locked into the Twitter Blue subscription service, the news spread like wildfire across social media, earning some enthusiasm and backlash from NFT owners and haters.

Twitter Hexagon profile pictureTwitter
Twitter introduced hexagonal profile pictures for verified NFT owners.

Elon Musk slams Twitter’s new NFT profile pictures

Despite his status as CEO of one of the most profitable tech companies out there, Elon Musk isn’t exactly a fan of Twitter’s new NFT profile image protection tool.

Instead, it seems like Musk wants the platform to take action against scammers and spam bots, rather than spending time on protecting NFT owners.

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“This is annoying,” he wrote in a January 21 Twitter post commenting on the new tool.

“Twitter is spending engineering resources on this bs while crypto scammers are throwing a spambot block party in every thread!?” he added.

Twitter’s latest feature has already experienced issues, too; one user pointed out that anyone using Twitter Blue can simply screenshot an existing NFT and set it as their profile picture.

Apparently, the tool works with any NFT in one’s collection — not just verified tokens, meaning that “someone can just right-click-save any NFT, mint it, and then use it as their PFP.”

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Musk’s comments come on the tail of ongoing debate surrounding the NFT profile image boom, although there’s no telling if Twitter will change up its newly-released feature to combat this issue or not.

For now, it looks like Elon has a potential date with Jake Paul in space. Wonder if they’ll make an NFT out of that?

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