Rapper Danny Brown has a Hilarious Take on Fortnite

Virginia Glaze
Danny Brown - Twitch

Danny Brown shared his opinions on Fortnite during one of his Twitch streams.

While Danny Brown is best known for his rap career, he is also an avid gamer.

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Danny Brown’s fierce individuality has earned him the title of one of rap’s most unique figures. With four solo albums receiving critical acclaim and earning a spot on Billboard’s Top 100, Danny has an illustrious career in the music industry.

However, Danny has stated that rap isn’t his end-game. Rather than live solely as a rapper, Danny hopes to be part of the video game industry as a game developer.

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Danny has since launched his own Twitch channel, where he streams his gaming exploits for viewers. During a stream on August 22nd, Danny expressed his sentiments towards one of the world’s most popular Battle Royal titles – Fortnite.

“Motherfuckers shooting at you and shit. That shit gave me PTSD!”

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Brown expressed a comical dislike for Fortnite’s overall gameplay, especially the game’s Storm Circles.

“You’re really trying to tell me that y’all enjoy a game where they drop you in a place that gets smaller and smaller, to the point where everybody gotta die? Goddamn! I want a game with a good ending! Y’all just gave up on life.”

Brown also felt that Fortnite’s overall art style was “too cartoony” for him, citing the game’s emotes as contributing to his aversion.

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Danny Brown’s interest in gaming has a long history. In an interview on ALISTRADIO’s B-Side, Brown declared his true dream in games development.

“My dream is to start developing video games. This rap shit is just, you know, it’s cool. But my goal in life is to become a video game developer.”

While Brown might dislike the title, Fortnite continues to grow with the release of its V5.3 patch and mobile initiative. Prospective players can keep an eye out for upcoming cosmetics, skins, and more.