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New Option in Fortnite Places Consumable Items on Far Side of Inventory Bar

Published: 23/Aug/2018 20:51 Updated: 23/Aug/2018 20:59

by Albert Petrosyan


The recent v5.30 Update in Fortnite Battle Royale has brought many new items, changes, and adjustments to the game.

One of the new additions is an option that automatically places consumable items in the far right side of the inventory when players pick them up.

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Toggling this new option is relatively easy. All players have to do is go to the settings menu, find the option labeled ‘Auto Sort Consumables to Right,’ and have it set to ‘On.’

The option has the following description written in the menu:

Whether consumables will default to the rightmost empty quickbar slot when picked up. 

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After this option is enabled, any consumable items picked up thereafter will automatically go the empty slot that is most towards the right of the inventory bar


Consumable items include: Med Kits, Bandages, Small and Large Shield Potions, Chug Jugs, Slurp Juices, and Bushes.

Here is a demonstration of this new option provided by popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

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This option will likely be positively received by Fortnite’s vast player-base, many of whom were forced to manually move consumables to the far right of their inventory bar in order to have their loadout the way they preferred.

For those who do not prefer their bar to be loaded out that way can just leave the option disabled.