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“Queen of Alt TikTok” Mooptopia suddenly quits after rapid rise to fame

Published: 15/Jul/2020 18:09

by Alice Hearing


The “Queen of Alt TikTok”, Mooptopia, has quit the short video app according to a statement she posted on July 15.

Mooptopia is a semi-anonymous TikTok creator who blew up over the course of a week and reached more than 1.5 million followers in just over a month. After appearing frequently on many users’ For You page, millions became obsessed with the mystery of moop whose name on the app is simply “none”.


By searching for #moop or #mooptopia, hundreds of videos can be found speculating as to who she is and commenting on her content. Mooptopia posted her first TikTok on June 8 and now has racked up a whopping 37.2 million likes.

Mooptopia leaves TikTok
TikTok: Mooptopia
Mooptopia is one of TikTok’s fastest growing creators

On Wednesday she wrote: “I’m sorry moops, but it’s been a hard time for me lately and I must part away from TikTok. This has been a fun journey. Thank you for all the kindness and laughs. I still and never will support Trump or anything he stands for.”


Popular TikTokkers expressed their sympathy and regret that Mooptopia would no longer be posting. Benoftheweek who has 5.3 million followers wrote “Thank u for the most exciting week of TikTok ever”, while Tybottofficial (2.4 million) wrote “NOOO”.

Mooptopia was known as the “Queen of Alt TikTok” for her bizarre and eccentric videos, often showing her looking deep into the camera with bloodshot eyes. Many fans discovered her through the high volume of videos that appeared on their “for you page”. The account became so popular that Mooptopia created a merchandise website selling hoodies, t-shirts and stickers.

Mooptopia is more likely to appear if your algorithm leans more towards “Alt TikTok”, the side of the app where there is no sign of the members of the Hype House or Sway House, and often involves bizarre themes such as feet and beans.

@mooptopia♬ Get Back – Pop Smoke

Fans speculated that one of her reasons for quitting the app was because other users had found her personal social pages, and spread rumors that she was a Trump supporter.

On Tuesday, July 14, she posted a TikTok which said “Moops please respect my privacy,” and commented, “I’m just an ordinary girl.” Under another TikTok, in response to the rumors, she wrote “I don’t support carrot man!!”

According to comments on her videos, her address had also been leaked.


If anything, Mooptopia’s sudden departure has allowed her mysterious magic to prevail, remaining a part of TikTok’s history forever.


Dellor shocked as Twitch finally unbans him after over a year

Published: 7/Oct/2020 14:54

by Calum Patterson


After just over one year following his permanent ban from Twitch, dellor’s channel has been reinstated on the platform. The former Overwatch pro now says it’s his “second chance.”

Matt ‘dellor’ Vaughn has had a turbulent streaming career – he was dropped from his Overwatch team, Toronto Esports, after a racist outburst, effectively ending his career as a pro player.


Then, in 2019, he was banned from Twitch after telling his female teammate in Apex Legends to “cook a sandwich.” This ban originally earned him an indefinite suspension, before it was reduced to 30 days.

Upon his return however, his partnership had been revoked, leaving him without a sub button, seriously impacting his income. Then, in October 2019, dellor was “banned indefinitely for “self-harm” for breaking a keyboard on stream.”


Dellor streaming on Twitch

This ban prompted the hashtag #freedellor on Twitter, as fans thought the permanent ban was harsh. But, Twitch kept firm, and dellor eventually moved to streaming on YouTube instead.

He pleaded with Twitch to allow him back onto the platform on a handful of occasions. Finally, on October 6, seemingly out of the blue, dellor’s channel was reinstated, and his ban lifted.

“I had given up all hope,” dellor said on Twitter. “After everything I have said about them, Twitch actually unbanned me.”


His channel, complete with over 550,000 followers (and likely more as Twitch rebuilds the follow count after a suspension), is fully intact.

This doesn’t mean though that he will necessarily return to streaming on Twitch though. Being unbanned on the platform at least means he is able to play with friends who are streaming on Twitch themselves.

He is still not partnered on the platform and does not have a subscribe button. He will still be able to earn money through donations, but to access subscriptions or bits will need to become a Twitch affiliate.


However, if he wants to become a partner again, it would mean stopping his YouTube streams altogether, where he has now built up a following since his time away from Twitch.