Prada slammed over “embarrassing” Charli D’Amelio model photos

Charli D Amelio and PradaPrada

Fans are blasting Prada for their choice to make TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio the latest star in their campaign, calling the images ’embarrassing’ and ‘cursed’.

Designer brand, Prada, is no stranger to promoting its clothing with multiple celebrities and recognizable stars.

Only this time, the images they posted on their social media seem to have caused more of a stir than ever before.

Their ‘Linea Rossa’ collection stars TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, with the brand sharing a series of images of her in their designer clothing. Once these images were released, many fans of both Prada and Charli D’Amelio slammed the decision.

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Charli D’Amelio Prada shoot slammed on Twitter

Many took to social media to express their dislike of both the way the photos were taken and the use of Charli as a model.

A commenter argued that: “For such a huge company, this is embarrassing.”

While others explored the confusing choice to make a TikToker their model. She is typically known for her fanbase of younger viewers, prompting fans to beg the brand to “know your customers.”

As some showed their confusion and frustration regarding the choice of model, others slammed the company for the way the image was edited.

An Instagram user joked that the position of the model was “so cursed” due to her angled head and leaning forward position. Others slated the “really bad photoshop” from Prada.

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Another Instagram user summed the situation up, by explaining: “It’s not the fact that they used an influencer, it’s the fact they tried to make her fit their look/brand when they should’ve adjusted to fit her look.”