Post Malone says Corpse should make a country song during Apex Legends stream

Alan Bernal
JRE YouTube / Corpse

Post Malone thinks Corpse Husband is ready for his country music debut, and the mysterious musician already has an idea for his name in the new genre – should he make the leap.

The pop star was playing Apex Legends on Twitch with YouTuber Faide and Corpse when the idea to hop over to country came up. The most interesting part of the interaction: Corpse never said no.

If anything, it seems like the popular artist was actually into the idea of making a country song, which would be a fair departure from his usual slate of track releases through the years.

Corpse has put out banger after banger, and it sounds like Posty thinks he’s got it in him to keep that streak going while dropping a track completely different from his norm.

The two were about to drop on the Apex map during Malone’s charity stream for United Way when the star had a novel idea for Corpse to get in the country spirit.

“I’ve been telling Corpse [he] should do a country song,” Malone said. And it seems as though this wasn’t the first the YouTuber has heard people saying he should do a country song.

“Yeah, they’ve been saying that. ‘Crops.’ That’s my country name.” he joked as more people encouraged him to try out the genre.

Time will tell if Corpse tries it out. Should he decide to, he’s already played Apex Legends with at least one big country enthusiast that could help him refine his sound.

Post Malone performed covers from Dwight Yoakam a couple of times in the past, and it the artist’s style perfectly translated across the genres.

It’ll be interesting to see if Post Malone and Corpse Husband link up for any possible country collab, as cross-fan bases react to their latest Twitch stream.