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Popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau under fire for promoting essay writing site

Published: 28/Feb/2019 22:38 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 22:42

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau is facing massive backlash, after promoting essay writing site ‘Edubirdie’ in a controversial tweet.

Tana tweeted out a promo for the site on February 28, encouraging struggling students to use Edubirdie’s services should they have a hard time writing their college essays.

“Guys, if writing in school is difficult for you, you need to make sure to check out Edubirdie!” Tana wrote. “It’s so helpful and easy to use.”

Tana Mongeau, Twitter

Tana’s tweet was met with intense criticism from all sides, with even the likes of Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem chiming in on the issue.


“Tana nooo, they banning people for promoting this,” KEEM wrote in a retweet.

“I tried edubirdie and got denied by 15 colleges,” YouTuber Connor Howe sarcastically replied. “Thanks Tana!”

While Tana claimed that talent manager Jordan Worona had initially posted the offending promo, the tweet has since been deleted – likely in light of Edubirdie’s problematic essay writing services.

Edubirdie advertises “professionally” written essays starting at a steep price of $18 per page, and boasts a number of writers from which customers can pick and choose to fashion their paper.

In fact, YouTube pulled advertisements for sites like Edubirdie in May of 2018 for violating their Academic Aid Policy, which prohibits ads for “customized/prewritten theses [and] dissertations” – which many critics label as cheating and plagiarism.


Edubirdie.comEdubirdie’s services have fallen under controversy, after YouTube blocked ads for the site in lieu of its problematic services.

This likely explains why Tana opted to advertise the site via Twitter – although her post didn’t last long, thanks to the warnings of critics.