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Popular YouTuber Mark Rober creates amazing glitter package thief trap

Published: 16/Dec/2019 19:22

by Bill Cooney


YouTuber Mark Rober showed off his new-and-improved glitter bomb package thief trap in a recent video, and the results may be even more entertaining the second time around.

Rober was the one behind the original “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap” video released in December 2018 that currently has over 77 million views.

But he said despite his best efforts, there were still around 1.7 million packages going missing every day – which means his work messing with porch pirates is far from over.

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With the help of Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin, Rober and his team came up with a device that would make Kevin McCallister himself proud.


It looks like a regular set of expensive headphones at first glance, but a closer look at the packaging reveals it’s actually a set of “Buzz 700’s” named after Kevin’s brother in Home Alone.

The trap consisted of four cell phones facing outward, set to record and automatically and upload their footage no matter what happened to them.

Of course, a spinner dispensing glitter goes off when the package is opened, but the 2019 version also includes “fart spray,” a pointless countdown, and random police chatter that would play from speakers inside.

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Some great footage was captured of two thieves who took the package into a store to open it, before being kicked out once the trap took its toll.


“After we tracked down this package and recovered it by the dumpster, we walked by the store,” Rober said “They were sweeping and spraying Febreeze, which felt amazing.”

Another thief in a grey shirt seemed stunned as the package exploded glitter, then told him to “keep the change, ya filthy animal,” before hilariously dispensing the fart spray.

Mark RoberThe face of a man who has no idea what has just happened.

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Amazingly enough, one of the people Rober sent the package to help with the video actually decided to steal it for themselves, so the YouTuber created a bunch of embarrassing postcards and sent them to their neighbors, so they would have to hand-deliver them to the thief.


To top it all off, they left the package out by a shared mailbox with a bunch of contact info on it, and rewarded good samaritans who picked up the package and called with $400.

It was a great way to reward people actually trying to help, but the highlight of the video has to be the reactions of all the people who got glitter and stank when they thought they were walking away with an easy score.