Popular Streamer DrLupo Urges Viewers to Always Seek Help After Distressing Donation


Popular Twitch streamer DrLupo’s May 27th stream ended in uncomfortable manner when a donator said that he was thinking about ending his life.

DrLupo is currently best known for his fun filled Fortnite Battle Royale streams but he has often played other titles in the past and has built a strong community and fan base.

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Viewers regularly donate and ask DrLupo for life advice but the end of his stream on May 27th ended with him receiving one of the most concerning donation messages a content creator can ever receive.

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One of his fans, Davy_wavy10, donated with a message saying that he was “ending it all” and donating the last of his money to his favorite streamer, a comment that DrLupo took very seriously and implored his fan not to act upon.

“Please don’t do that. Please don’t do that, please find somebody, reach out to somebody right now, talk to them. Please talk to somebody. There are better alternatives than that, okay?”

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He went on to tell Davy that he expects to hear from him in the morning, asked him to call a suicide helpline, and stated that he expected to see him in the chat during his Monday morning stream.

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After finishing his stream, DrLupo took to Twitter to reiterate his points and ask anyone that is “considering options” to escape their pain to talk to someone instead.

He then once again shared the number for the United States’ National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255.

We’re delighted to say that Davy did join DrLupo’s morning stream on Monday, May 28th, after emailing DrLupo the night before to thank him.

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However, the entertainer’s statements about reaching out to someone still hold true and apply to anyone that might be feeling in a similar way.

If you are from the UK and looking for somebody to talk to, please contact the Samaritans.

Call 116 123

Email jo@samaritans.org

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