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PewDiePie shares hysterical reaction to finding Minecraft Instagram filters

Published: 30/Oct/2019 19:36 Updated: 30/Oct/2019 21:18

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg was blown away after finding Minecraft Instagram filters, and had the most hilarious reaction when he discovered his own character in the photo app.

PewDiePie made his return to gaming in June 2019 with the launch of his Minecraft series, which became so popular it revitalized the almost 10-year-old sandbox game, even making it the second highest selling game in August.

During his October 30 upload, the Swede was messing around with Instagram filters, and was blown away when he found his own Minecraft character in the photo app.

Instagram: @pewdiepieThe Swede is the biggest YouTuber in the world, with over 102 million subscribers and rising.

The Swede was messing around with various Instagram filters when he found out that they had Minecraft ones in the app. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed after seeing himself as the sandbox protagonist Steve. He then realized that the filter even had the game’s iconic piano music playing in the background.


“Bruh!” he shouted, as he panned his camera around with the Nether in the background. “Whoa! I’m in the Nether! Ah!” he screamed, as he pointed his finger in the air striking a pose. “Jesus Christ make it stop!”

The YouTube star then swiped to the next filter, only to recognize his own Minecraft character was in the app. “Huh! What!?” he exclaimed upon seeing himself. “I’m PewDiePie! This is so cool!” The Swede then figured out how to change the background, and switched it to the default map.

“Sven! Sven! Where are you!?” he screamed out for his sidekick pup, a popular character in his Minecraft series. He then hilariously called out for his horse “Joergen!?”, before he asked “How do they do this? This is sick!”


(Timestamp of 01:59 for mobile viewers.)

PewDiePie continues to crush it, as he recently hit 102 million subscribers on October 28, making him the first individual content creator on the platform to reach those numbers. The Swede broke his 100 million subscriber milestone on August 24, and has continued to dominate in views.

While the Swede has moved away from doing daily Minecraft episodes and has gone back to doing a mix of reaction content alongside them, there is no doubt that his videos on the sandbox games have played a pivotal role in securing him as one of the biggest entertainers in the world.