Pokimane shares perfect response to #pokimaneboyfriend trending

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane smiles next to the silhouette of a man.

[jwplayer 3rV0GuQ7]Twitch streaming star and internet personality Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has reacted to the current buzz around the #pokimanesboyfriend hashtag on Twitter — and her response is nothing less than pure gold.

While the subject of Pokimane’s love life has always been a subject of interest for fans (with many pairing her with other streamers like Hasan), things kicked up a notch after YouTuber ‘LeafyisHere’ published a video criticizing her content — as well as claiming she has been hiding her boyfriend from fans.

“If you ever happen to come across one of her big time fans on your way to the grocery store or whatnot …be sure to remind them that she has a boyfriend, because I think that they would really love to hear that little piece of information,” Leafy said.

Soon after, the hashtag #pokimaneboyfriend began trending across Twitter, with many fans speculating as to who the mysterious man could be — if there even was one.

However, Pokimane herself joined in on the shenanigans in a post of her own — and it’s safe to say that she’s not taking the issue all too seriously.

In response to the hubbub surrounding her romantic life, the streamer uploaded a photo of herself standing next to a cardboard cutout of former U.S. president Barack Obama.

“It’s time to come clean,” she captioned the hilarious pic, clearly unbothered by the rampant outrage and rumors concerning her private affairs.

Pokimane herself has been quite open about how she would treat her love life if she did get into a serious relationship, claiming that she wouldn’t put her romance online.

“I don’t know if I would like, really want to put my relationship out there one I get into one,” she stated in a June 2019 Q & A video. “For example, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of couples out there who make their relationship public. …when they break up, they have to make that public, too. I don’t know if I wanna go through that, know what I’m saying?”

No matter the case, it doesn’t look like this streamer is going to break under critics’ watchful gaze — and she’s certainly not going to peep about her private life to strangers online.

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