Pokimane reveals why she moved to new apartment in LA

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane reveals why she moved to new LA apartment

Twitch star Pokimane revealed why she packed up and moved to a different apartment in Los Angeles, citing several key reasons why her old pad didn’t stack up to her new place.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed female streamer on Twitch, and as such, it makes sense that her eight million fans are interested in her everyday life.

Recently, the influencer shared her experience moving to her new apartment with her viewers.

Although she had moved out from a shared house with her roommates to a solo apartment nearly a year ago, she said there were a few factors that led her to seek out other accommodations instead of renewing her lease.

pokimane twitch
Pokimane is the most-followed woman on Twitch.

For one, she claimed that her old streaming room didn’t have enough natural light, which she argued was a big deal for her circadian rhythm and overall mental health.

She also wasn’t a huge fan of her balcony, which looked directly out onto the street, giving her some unwanted ambience during her meditation or relaxation times that she’d rather have without blaring horns and the sounds of traffic.

Pokimane reveals reasons for moving to new apartment

“My lease was up, and I had fully intended on staying at my old place, ’cause I really liked it, and it was good,” she explained. “Actually, it was great. The internet was great. I liked the amount of space.”

“There was no way to set up my streaming setup in a way where I have natural lighting,” she added. “And when I sit in a gremlin room — no sunlight, artificial lights, and I’m streaming for ten hours — and I start at 11 AM, and when I’m done there’s no sunlight out, I feel like it was messing with my circadian rhythm. Just my head. I think having natural sunlight is really important.”

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Luckily, Pokimane seems pleased as punch about her new apartment and says she feels “safe and happy” in the new spot with her two cats, Mimi and Beau.

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