PewDiePie responds to critics who judge him for being rich

Virginia Glaze
PewDiePie, YouTube

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is one of the site’s most successful entertainers, becoming its most-subscribed independent creator with a projected net worth in the millions — a fact he claims he’s widely judged for.

Kjellberg opened up on the topic during a video on April 21, where he reacted to Jubilee’s “Do All Millionaires Think the Same?” social experiment, which presented a small group of millionaires with a series of hard-hitting questions about their wealth.

One of the questions given to the millionaires asked them if they’d ever been judged for their money — something PewDiePie could sympathize with.

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According to the YouTube star, he feels “sad” for people who judge others for their wealth, and believes that cash isn’t the key to true happiness, in the slightest.

“It just makes me sad for other people… people look at me and they’re like, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have any problems because he has money,’” he began. “So many people share the idea that money solves all your problems. …I just feel bad for people who have that mindset, because I know for a fact it isn’t true.”

PewDiePie, Instagram
YouTube star PewDiePie explained why he feels “sad” for critics who judge him for his wealth, and revealed why he feels money isn’t the key to true happiness.

Kjellberg went on to explain that, while money has significantly improved his life, he was just as happy before his rise to YouTube fame, citing his struggle starting out with now-wife Marzia.

“Sometimes, I look back on the times when I was just starting out with YouTube, and I was just making enough to pay my rent each month,” he continued. “That’s the kind of time I look back as the most happiest, when me and Marzia were in Sweden. We didn’t have a lot of money. It wasn’t easy, but we were equally happy then.”

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While PewDiePie has addressed confusing reports regarding his supposed net worth in the past, the Swede has gone on record stating that it “doesn’t matter” to him in spite of rampant speculation.

Even after being robbed late last year, to PewDiePie, material wealth isn’t all that important — claiming that it’s real happiness that counts.