JiDion reflects on Pokimane hate raid drama: “I need to think before I speak”

Eleni Thomas
DiJion interview image still

Youtuber JiDion has spoke openly about his Twitch ban again, reflecting on how the Pokimane hate raid situation has affected the way he acts when creating content.

On the most recent addition of Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, Paul and his co-hosts sat down to speak to JiDion.

During the episode, they went in-depth while discussing many key moments in the Youtuber’s life and career, including the events surrounding the content creators’ permanent ban from Twitch earlier this year.

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was forced to cut her January 12 stream short after a wave of hate and harassment came her way — spurred on by JiDion. She was streaming Valorant with fellow star streamers Valkyrae, QuarterJade, and others when she noticed a new, loud wave of viewers in her chat who were spamming the message “L + RATIO”.

During the podcast, JiDion discussed how he often gets into trouble when creating live content because his lack of filter causes him to leak things constantly.

And while he didn’t dwell too long on his permanent Twitch ban, he did highlight a vital takeaway he took from the incident.

“After the Pokimane situation, I realised I need to not censor myself, but I need to think before I speak,” he said.

JiDion then went on to discuss the way the YouTube landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years, stating that “Youtube has become so corporate it’s actually ridiculous.”

However, when it was then raised that this issue is the platform’s fault, not the creators, DiJion fervently disagreed with the sentiment.

“I think it is the creators’ fault because the bags are made now to where you need to go corporate.”

Twitch: Pokimane / YouTube: Jidion
The Pokimane and DiJion drama sparked much online discussion around the harassment female streamers face

JiDion was initially only given a 14-day ban for the incident, this quickly turned into a permanent ban from Twitch. While he believed the 14-day ban to be fair, JiDion was quick to speak out about his perma ban as being a decision made due to outside pressure.

While most of the drama around JiDion and Pokimane has fizzled out, much social discourse remains about the way Pokimane and other female-identifying streamers are treated both on their streams and on other online forums.