Pokimane responds to “invasive” claims about secret relationship with Hasan by InvaderVie

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Due to her position in the public eye, rumors and gossip are constantly circulating among the Twitch community regarding her personal life, but InvaderVie – who has over 50,000 followers on the site – took it a step further by spreading rumors surrounding Pokimane’s love life during a broadcast to thousands of viewers.

Instagram: pokimanelolPokimane’s fame on Twitch means her personal life is constantly speculated on.

InvaderVie claims Pokimane and Hasan are together

During her May 7 broadcast, InvaderVie was asked by a member of her chat if Hasan Piker was an ‘incel’, a shortened version of the phrase “involuntary celebate,” which means someone who is “unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.”

InvaderVie’s response was shocking, stating: “Is Hasan an incel? No, because he’s have sex with Pokimane.”


When asked for more context and proof by her viewers, InvaderVie provided a flimsy argument as to why she was so sure that the rumors she was spreading were accurate, answering a question which queried if her statement was “confirmed or just a meme.”

“Guys, here’s the thing,” InvaderVie told her audience. “I’ve never asked anyone about this because it’s none of my f*cking business, but I opened Pokimane’s stream for three seconds in Berlin, and Hasan was on it with her.”

“He had the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen. So for me, that’s as obvious as it needs to be. You see a dude with the biggest smile on his face that he’s ever had in his entire life, and he’s standing next to a stunningly beautiful young woman, you can kind of guess, maybe, what’s happening. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. That’s just me using my eyes and brain and looking at a situation.”

InvaderVie was likely referring to TwitchCon Europe, an event that saw streamers from across the world head to Berlin, Germany to take part in a conference and meet members of their European audience.

Many on Reddit who saw the clip of InvaderVie’s claims immediately called her decision to air the rumors as “toxic”, and something that could “harm [Pokimane’s] reputation,” stating that she had no real evidence to back up her claims.

Twitch: PokimanePokimane and Hasan Piker streamed together at TwitchCon Berlin.

Pokimane responds to InvaderVie’s claims

Since the rumors started to draw attention, Pokimane has come out and addressed the allegations, stating that she was “baffled and disappointed” by the clip and InvaderVie’s decision to discuss her personal life.

Pokimane wrote on Reddit: “I know random [LivestreamFails] comments will speculate about my personal life, but to see another streamer – and one that I’m acquainted with – make such large assumptions and then proceed to state them as fact on their stream feels really disrespectful and invasive.

“Thank you to those that didn’t take this as gospel, bus instead got her to clarify on why she said it, which was just because he was smiling at me. Not cool, Vie.”

InvaderVie has refrained from mentioning the rumors she started on Twitch or social media following Pokimane’s response, but we’ll be sure to update this article if any new infromation is made available.

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