Mizkif rages after Pokimane “ends their friendship” by ditching him for xQc

Dylan Horetski
Mizkif Pokimane
Twitch, Mizkif / Pokimane

Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has been friends with Pokimane for a while, but when she ditched him to play Valorant with xQc, it led him into a hilarious rage. 

While the duo has been friends for a while, Mizkif and Pokimane have had their interesting interactions in the past with $50,000 bets and a hilarious song written by Mizkif.

A new YouTube video from Miz is another example of the camaraderie between the two, with them going back and forth after Pokimane ditched him for a game of Valorant with xQc.

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Mizkif is known for his reaction videos on YouTube

“Pokimane ended our friendship…”

In a video uploaded on September 10, the streamer described his interaction with Pokimane when he asked her to stream Fall Guys together. When he realized she was live, Miz typed in her chat and asked if she wanted to play Fall Guys again.

After seemingly missing his message at first, she replied “In my opinion, Fall Guys is kind of s****y stream content.” Realizing Poki said something about xQc on her stream, Mizkif made a harrowing discovery — Pokimane ditched their plans and is playing Valorant with xQc.

“That is just bad friend,” he repeated over and over before joking that the friendship was officially over.

Pokimane wasn’t done yet though: “Miz, are you watching this? Wait, of course you’re watching this. You don’t have the guts. You don’t have the COHONES, to make your own content.”

She went on to explain how much she actually does appreciate Mizkif’s friendship though, and that she’s sure it goes the other way as well. Despite this humorous minor spat over xQc of all people, we can be sure the two are definitely still friends.