Pokemon fan theory reveals what Team Rocket could achieve if they didn’t “simp” Giovanni

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Pokemon anime fans have theorized how successful Team Rocket could be if its members stopped “simping” for Giovanni.

Team Rocket has long served as an antagonist force in the the franchise’s anime series. Notable members Jessie and James rose to fame after Pikachu knocked them down a peg during a fight.

Since then, the pair has made it their mission to capture the famous pocket monster and wield his incredible power for themselves.

But some fans have come to believe the Team Rocket members could accomplish far greater things if they were to do one simple thing – leave Giovanni.

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Pokemon fans think Team Rocket could do better on their own

In the Pokemon Anime subreddit, user Leviabs initiated a discussion about the true potential of the villainous team.

The Redditor’s theory proposes that Jessie and James are “skilled” enough to become incredibly wealthy. After all, the pair works wonders with mechas, harnesses expertise in high fashion, and can rely on Meowth.

If they stopped “simping for Giovanni” and abandoned their Pikachu obsession, Team Rocket could leverage their vast talents for riches beyond measure.

The replies in the thread don’t disappoint, as fans speculate what kind of hold Giovanni must have over the duo.

For example, one person’s convinced the Team Rocket head must bribe Jessie and James. Another Pokemon fan thinks they probably stick around because Giovanni blackmails them.

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“I always figured Jessie and James just had massive credit card debt,” someone else said of the pair.

Whatever the case may be, it seems many agree Team Rocket would make for more dynamic Pokemon villains if Giovanni exited the picture.