PinkyDoll slammed as a “scab” after announcing Hollywood offer

Meera Jacka
PinkyDoll slammed as a scab after announcing Hollywood offer

PinkyDoll has been accused of being a “scab” after revealing she accepted an offer from Hollywood, with many feeling the TikToker is taking advantage of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

Fedha Sinon, better known as ‘PinkyDoll’ online, is the Canadian TikToker who popularized NPC live streams. Simulating AI-like behavior, PinkyDoll frequently draws massive crowds while repeating catchphrases in response to gifts sent to her.

“Ice cream so good” and “Balloon, pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! ” are just some of the common catchphrases that have led PinkyDoll to become a viral sensation, seemingly overnight.

But now the internet’s confusion has turned to anger following the TikToker’s announcement that she had received and accepted an offer to go to Hollywood.

Posting a TikTok about the news while maintaining her AI-like persona, PinkyDoll said, “Guess who is going to Hollywood baby! To Hollywood! Yes, it’s your girl right here, it’s your girl right here.”

But where PinkyDoll may have gone wrong is when she started warning others to “secure their spot” in Hollywood before she took it from them, stating, “That sh** about to be popping because when I come in here, I [am going to] take somebody’s spot.”

Viewers were not impressed, especially considering the current SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. The video was shared on Twitter and captioned, “We regret to inform you that PinkyDoll is a scab.”

The comments quickly filled with users of the platform expressing their disgust over the news.

“Well, l that was a career-ender, there is no lower form of life than a scab,” one said. Another posted, “I mean. This one is hardly gonna break a writer’s strike, but damn. No one should be excited to cross a picket line.”

However, not everyone was opposed to PinkyDoll’s announcement with some even coming to the TikToker’s defense; “I’m sorry but the anti-scabbing rhetoric I’d argue is anti-working class and shows privilege of being able to scold people who can’t strike.”

It is not clear yet what PinkyDoll’s Hollywood offer was and where fans can expect to see her in the future, though we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further information. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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