Pink Sauce creator apologizes to TikTok critic after talk show appearance goes viral

Chef Pii apologizes to TikTok critic after viral Karamo Show episodeYouTube: Karamo Show

The creator of the TikTok-famous Pink Sauce, ‘Chef Pii,’ has issued an apology to one of her critics after the two had a spat during a viral episode of the Karamo Show.

Chef Pii is the internet-famous originator of social media’s favorite condiment, ‘Pink Sauce.’

Pii sparked buzz over the summer when her colorful sauce took the internet by storm. Shortly after achieving viral fame, Pii — a self-proclaimed professional chef — decided to sell the Pink Sauce online.

However, it was met with criticism shortly after launch, with customers receiving soured sauce in the mail during the hot summer months and expressing concern over some of its perishable ingredients.

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Pink Sauce coming to stores this fall 2022Dave’s Gourmet / The Pink Sauce

Shortly thereafter, Chef Pii partnered with Dave’s Gourmet, a hot sauce company that promised to take the Pink Sauce to major retailers in Fall 2022.

During this time, Chef Pii made an appearance on the Karamo Show, where she confronted one of her most vocal critics in front of a live audience — TikToker ‘Allured Beauty.’

Many viewers panned the episode, feeling that Karamo had treated Allured Beauty harshly, on top of Chef Pii’s comments toward the TikToker — namely that she told the influencer, “You’re not special.”

The controversial episode was deleted from both the Karamo Show’s official website and YouTube channel not long afterward, sparking more derision toward the host and Chef Pii.

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Chef Pii issues apology to Allured Beauty after Karamo Show episode

However, in late October, Allured Beauty provided an update on the situation, showing screenshots of DMs from Chef Pii allegedly apologizing to her after their joint episode on the show.

“I feel bad about the way I spoke to you,” Chef Pii wrote. “I shouldn’t have said what I said, and I apologize. My words and behavior were coming from a bad place.”

“I was really feeling the toll from all the criticism,” she continued. “None of these are excuses for my behavior. I just wish I had come from a place of forgiveness instead of anger. I am deeply sorry for that.”

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“I thought it was really sincere and really nice of her to reach out to me,” Allured Beauty said of Pii’s apology. “She’s had some time to think about everything, and I think that this comes out of a true place in her heart.”

That’s not all; Pii also offered the TikToker a “special package” once her Pink Sauce is officially ready to relaunch with Dave’s Gourmet.

For now, it looks like these two have made up, although commenters aren’t too impressed with Chef Pii’s statement and are looking for a comment from Karamo, who has yet to publicly comment on the subject at the time of writing.

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