Creator of TikTok’s viral ‘pink sauce’ under fire over food safety concerns

Dylan Horetski
Pink Saunce Under Fire

TikTok viewers have fallen in love with a chef’s custom-made sauce, but others have been voicing their concerns over how safe the product actually is.

TikToker and Chef ‘Chef Pii’ has gone viral over the last few weeks thanks to their ‘Pink Sauce’ that she initially shared in June 2022.

It quickly took the internet by storm, and fans of the product can purchase it from her website for $20 a bottle.

However, creators have begun voicing their thoughts about the product — sharing concerns about food safety.

‘Pink Sauce’ under fire over food safety concerns

TikToker Seansvv shared their thoughts in a video, expressing that they believe in entrepreneurs and want them to succeed. Sean is well known on TikTok for being a creator that “reads the fine print,” and pulls out details from a company’s Terms of Service.

Sean explained that the product doesn’t make sense and that if a TikTok user gets sick from eating Pink Sauce, they’re scared for both the person who got sick and Chef Pii.

“I’m seeing so many errors on this nutritional label. I’m seeing 444 servings, which is 14.4 grams, and would mean the bottle has over 6,300 grams in a bottle which is inaccurate,” Seansvv explained.

The TikToker also mentioned that throughout the videos and pictures shared, the hue keeps changing which leaves them even more scared for the people eating it.

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Users have also taken to Twitter to express their thoughts about the viral ‘pink sauce.’

One user tweeted: “I cannot stop looking into the pink sauce on TikTok… like I’m SO obsessed that she just completely mislabeled the nutritional information so it would have angel numbers.”

While another user said: “Wait. So y’all paying $30 to have some random woman ship y’all some secret pink sauce she made in her kitchen clear across the country THROUGH USPS in THIS HEAT?”