Top 10 PewDiePie Minecraft moments so far

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg surprised everyone with his long-awaited return to gaming on June 21 when he brought his channel full circle with his new Minecraft videos. Celebrating three months since he launched his popular series, here are the Swede’s top 10 moments so far.

PewDiePie is having the best year of his life by breaking the 100 million YouTube subscriber milestone on August 25, and marrying the love of his life, Marzia ‘CutiePie’ Bisognin, just days before on August 19.

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The Swede’s channel has seen an incredible explosion in growth, largely fueled by his Minecraft series which launched in June, and was so popular that he’s single handedly credited for re-vitalizing the sandbox game and breathing new life into it. With no signs of stopping any time soon, here are Pewds’ top 10 Minecraft moments so far.

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10. PewDiePie’s ‘96 million Pig Army’

(Timestamp of 11:27 for mobile viewers.)

In episode 22, the Swede first amassed his 96 million pigs with an extraordinarily elaborate setup to keep them housed and fed. But it was in episode 24 that Pewds revealed his diabolical plan to turn them into Zombie Pigmen fighters with a trident for his upcoming battle with the Wither.

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Using the ‘channeling’ enchantment on the weapon allows you to summon a bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm and strike the object you throw it at. Which in this case would convert the pigs into zombie soldiers that wield swords.

All the Swede needed was for thunder to happen when the weather changed to rain, which can sometimes take a long time. However, on the eve of the battle in episode 25 the YouTube star finally caught a lucky break when storm clouds came rolling in.

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Fans were treated to Pewds re-enacting a scene from Frankenstein as he laughed and screamed in excitement “By the power of Zeus! This is so bad ass dude!” as his pigs literally turned into his army through lightning strikes.

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9. Constructing a giant Swedish meatball 

(Timestamp of 00:14 for mobile viewers.)

Paying homage to his home country Sweden, PewDiePie built an epic tower near his house appropriately named IKEA tower that began construction in episode 10.

But after weeks of episodes, the Swede did the official unveiling for the centerpiece to his entire Minecraft base  – a giant meatball – which is a signature dish in his country and a popular item sold at the Swedish furniture stores referenced in his creations.

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In his series lore, Pewds and his loyal dog Sven have been said to have spent many years building the giant statue, and it’s meant to be a symbol of love, friendship and perseverance.

He gave a speech over uplifting music as he gave his audience one final look at the giant piece of meat in episode 16, making it an oddly touching moment.

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8. 12-hour Minecraft stream

(Timestamp of 10:32:13 for mobile viewers.)

As PewDiePie inched closer to 100 million subs on YouTube, he had teased fans on several occasions with the idea of doing a 12-hour Minecraft stream. And he finally delivered on that promise on September 17, giving his supporters a non-stop marathon of the sandbox game.

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YouTube star Jacksepticye joined him late into his stream and they both ventured into the Nether – a hellish dimension deep below the surface – when they realized one of their pet dogs had managed follow them by accident. After several attempts to lead the pup to safety, they were attacked by a horde of zombie pigmen, and the canine met his untimely death.

As they rounded out hour ten, Pewds started to feel the length of the stream, and got a little loopy after spending half a day playing the game without any real rest. He and his friend broke into singing the popular “The Numa Numa Song” as a eulogy for the fallen pet who was named after the 2004 meme.

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The hilarious moment capped off the Swede’s day long celebration of passing 100 million subs, as he trudged on for two more hours to finish the stream out for his audience.

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7. Pewds fights himself

(Timestamp of 18:10 for mobile viewers.)

Playing with a user-created datapack from the iconic Minecraft modder ‘McMakistein’, episode 26 saw the YouTube king facing off against himself in the sandbox game. The Swede was initially impressed with how cool the boss looked in game, as the modder managed to replicate Pewds faithfully, and even had him flying in his signature gaming chair while saying voice lines from his older videos.

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However, he was quickly taken back as the fight evolved and became genuinely difficult. Throwing explosive bro fists that took a ton of his health, the Swede had to keep his distance to survive, until the boss started to send the YouTuber’s own pets against him such as Joergen the horse, which he agonizingly had to put down.

But the battle became downright sinister, when the boss sent out a version of his loyal dog Sven, which so far in the series has not died yet. PewDiePie managed to slay himself, ending the epic fight, and was rewarded with his gaming chair as a mount in the game, as well as headphones that played his diss track ‘Bitch Lasagna’.

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6. When PewDiePie first met Sven

(Timestamp of 21:27 for mobile viewers.)

PewDiePie’s canine sidekick has become a staple of the entire series, which even spawned fans rallying the call to ‘protect Sven at all costs’, given that several of Pewds’ pets have met their untimely death in other episodes.

It was during episode seven though that the YouTube king first discovered the lovable dog, and bonded with him, creating one of the best duos in YouTube history. “Dude there’s a dog thing! Oh my God! Hey, dog!” he exclaimed upon discovering the animal, as he tried to woo it by giving him every piece of food that he could think of.

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Determined to make him his pet, the Swede even began to cook him food. “I am cooking chicken for this dog!” he laughed, as the moment phased him as ridiculous given he was going to great lengths to bond with him.

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After the dog officially became the YouTuber’s pet dog, he christened him with the name ‘Sven’ and the two immediately began to click as they looked for treasure and explored the map. This set the stage for the many adventures they would go on together, making this one of the most pivotal moments of the series so far.

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5. The Death of Joergen

(Timestamp of 21:45 for mobile viewers.)

Or should we say Joergens, as the Swede’s lovable horse and his relatives have now met more deaths than we can count. But it was the tragic death of Joergen #2 in episode 19 that pulled at heart strings.

The YouTube king discovered that his horse could fit in a mine cart, and burst out laughing when he took off down the rail system. He then got the idea of sending his animal down the underground rail system he had built, when things went horribly wrong.

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Pewds immediately realized something was amiss as he began to scream his pet’s name after noticing the horse was too big for the tunnel, and was clipping through the walls (which recalled the death of his first horse) but it was too late.

Panicked, the Swede gave chase after his mount, but Joergen’s mine cart had taken off too quickly, and he disappeared out of sight. As he ran around the corner to catch up, his pet was nowhere to be found upon seeing the cart, and instead in his place was horse meat as Joergen had been killed due to the ceiling being too low. The YouTube king was at a loss for words as his mouth hung open, making this one of the most shocking moments in the series.

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4. Overthrowing the Council of Watersheep

(Timestamp of 17:34 for mobile viewers.)

The lore in Pewds’ Minecraft series is a lot deeper than you expect, as the Swede has a long contentious history with a sheep that he called ‘Water Sheep’. And like his pet horse, there have been several iterations of it as it had been killed numerous times.

The YouTuber eventually built a Water Church in episode 19 to house several of these animals that he eventually called ‘the Council of Watersheep’ and began to seek powers and advice from them – such as the time before battle of the Wither, when he asked them for thunder and shortly after lightning struck across the sky.

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However in episode 33, which centered around Pewds torturing the chicken he gave to Jack Black in their collaboration video, the bird revealed that he was working for the very same council that PewDiePie had been seeking aid from the entire time, and was ordered to kill him.

The epic moment came when the Swede went back to his base to confront them over the assassination attempt, and decided to overthrow the council by killing them. “The Council of Watersheep must be overthrown” the YouTuber declared somberly, as he shot his arrow at each of them.

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The pivotal moment led his series to a new era, as he’s now installed the ‘Council of Beet’, which oddly is exactly as it sounds: mounds of beetroots. Only time will tell what magical powers these vegetables will bestow on him.

3. The Ender Dragon

(Timestamp of 16:13 for mobile viewers.)

Episode 30 felt like a conclusion to the whole series, as the Swede challenged ‘The Ender Dragon’ who is technically the final boss in the vanilla version of Minecraft. Descending to ‘The End’ – the third and final dimension in the game – Pewds felt nervous and unprepared for the showdown with the flying dragon.

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Before the battle even started, the YouTube king was terrified as the dragon roared overhead. The fight proved to be incredibly tough early into it, so the Swede had to quickly retreat.

However, he came back with his army of Snowmen, and unlike his botched 96 million pig army which backfired on him in a previous battle, his latest plan actually worked as the Snowmen hurled snowballs at the flying dragon to chip away at his health and distract him.

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Eventually Pewds was able to whittle his heath down slowly with arrows, and brought him to the ground. Cleverly, he had placed a bed down where the dragon fell, and clicked to sleep before running away which caused the bed to explode on the beast, since sleeping in the lower dimensions in the sandbox game causes beds to implode.

He finally landed the final blow and ended the battle before jumping into the abyss which launched him to the game’s end credits. The YouTuber genuinely became emotional as he came back to his base and celebrated his victory with all his animals.

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He then trolled his audience when he declared it to be the end of the series before he laughed “Sike! You really thought it was over, huh? There is so many more things left in Minecraft!”

2. Battle with the Wither

(Timestamp of 18:15 for mobile viewers)

The Swede took on the mob boss the Wither during his August 7 episode. The undead flying enemy has to be created by the user with four soul sand stones arranged in a T formation, while placing three wither skeleton skulls on top in a row.

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After being built up across several videos, episode 25 felt more like a finale of Game of Thrones than his typical Minecraft videos. With previous plot points coming to conclusion such as his army of 96 million pigs and finally staring down the Wither, it was jam-packed with insane moments.

After manically converting his pigs into Zombie Pigmen fighters with lightning, the Swede rallied the troops before the battle with a rousing speech. “Tonight, we kill finally one of the first bosses!” he shouted. Things quickly went south after he summoned the mob boss when he was betrayed by his army as they actually healed the enemy.

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With explosive objects raining down on him, the YouTube king had to flee underground before emerging to range attack the foe with arrows. The Swede finally managed to knock him from out of the sky, and hacked away at his health before landing the final blow with a sword, right as dawn began to break. This battle was the first time his Minecraft series truly felt cinematic, and showed us the potential of what it could become.

1. Sven’s Wedding

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(Timestamp of 27:26 for mobile viewers.)

What started out as a simple quest to find a fox for a pet, episode 27 turned into one of the most heartwarming and touching moments on PewDiePie’s channel when his Minecraft dog Sven got married.

The Swede was originally exploring the map to find a fox to bring back to his base, when he happened to find another dog who quickly took to Sven. After taming it, the two immediately seemed inseparable as they stood by each other’s side on the journey back home.

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The YouTuber prefaced his audience before holding the wedding for his pet dogs with “I am about to do the corniest thing I’ve ever done on my channel” – except it ended up becoming surprisingly emotional as he gathered all of his loyal pet into one place for the ceremony.

As music swelled and he officiated the wedding vows, Pewds broke and couldn’t resist how wholesome and adorable the moment had become. To make it all the more sweeter, Sven and his new partner ended up expanding the family with a new pup.

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Later on in his update vlog on August 18, the YouTube king reflected back on the episode and became extremely emotional. “It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that I’m really proud of a video,” he said, which is what makes this the best moment in his Minecraft series so far.

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