PewDiePie shares hilarious reaction to Chuck E. Cheese scandal uncovered by Shane Dawson’s ‘Conspiracy Series’

Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg gave his hysterical take on Shane Dawson’s viral Chuck E. Cheese’s theory on reused pizza slices during a segment of Pew News.

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PewDiePie’s February 18 entry to PewNews took a look at the recent outbursts toward the popular restaurant chain, but the Pewd’s take wasn’t so quick to defame Chuck E. Cheese’s name.

The YouTuber took a look at Chuck E. Cheese’s official statement after the conspiracy theory spread like fire saying there was “no conspiracy conspiracies here” and that the claims were “unequivocally false.”

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Shane DawsonImage of a Chuck E Cheese’s pizza that doesn’t seem share the typical shape of a fresh pie.

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The Pewds immediately pointed out the hilarious irony of the statement, which sounded a lot like what someone who was trying to hide a conspiracy would say.

But upon a further review of the evidence, PewDiePie said that the most plausible explanation for the oblong shape of Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas were, in part, due to the custom orders the restaurant constantly receives.

(Timestamp at 14:57 for mobile viewers)

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“Most likely what they do is they cook a lot of pizzas, and based on what people order half of something, which seems pretty common, they just distribute the pizza slices accordingly,” PewDiePie said.

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PewDiePie went on to surmise that the theory doesn’t add up, as it might not be the company’s best interest to irreversibly damage their brand just to save a few pizza slices per pie.

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Although the Pewds doesn’t believe the hype around the reused slices of pie, the theory is something he could “actually get behind” since it’s a good laugh.