PewDiePie Finally Responds to Twitch Streamer Alinity Over Copyright Strike Scandal

Calum Patterson

The on going feud between the most subscriber YouTuber, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and Twitch streamer Alinity may finally be settled, after PewDiePie addressed the situation.

The dispute began after a video in which PewDiePie labelled Alinity and some other female streamers ‘Twitch thots’, which when Alinity saw she threatened to “copy strike” the video.

What Alinity was alluding to was filing a copyright claim on the video, as it featured her content, and thus make revenue from it.

It turned out this was a process Alinity was involved in frequently, through an agency called CollabDRM, who would file these claims on her behalf.

Alinity even bragged of the money she would receive from these claims, amounting to “$700 last month”. Of course, many of these claims are not legitimate, and are making claims on videos protected under fair use.

YouTube creators are permitted to include content from others, provided it is ‘transformative’, meaning they provide commentary, criticism, review or reaction to the content.

Alinity was heavily criticized for her open engagement in these copyright claims, some of which targeted small channels unable to fight the claim effectively.

PewDiePie was relatively quiet on the issue for a few days, but has now made a video addressing the incident.

I very jokingly said out randomly in the video ‘stupid Twitch thots’.

My intention is never to upset people with my videos, and I thought it was easier to just cut her out. But, before we were able to do that, the video did in fact get copy ‘striked’.

The day after, she made a follow up to this, where she sort of boasted: ‘Yeh, it was me guys.’ […] Alinity admits publicly to abusing copyright law, basically an illegal act that could hold up in a court of law. My videos are 100% protected by fair use.

She didn’t like what I said, so she wanted to take down my video – or at least claim the ‘good money’ for it.

PewDiePie goes on to criticize Alinity’s statement, which she later deleted, which explained she felt PewDiePie was objectifying women to his young audience. PewDiePie highlights the irony in this claim.

He also specifically targets CollabDRM, the agency working to claim Alinity’s content, saying that they ‘abuse’ their power.

You can watch PewDiePie’s full video below.

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