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PewDiePie explains why Sonic’s new movie design is “incredible”

Published: 14/Nov/2019 20:38

by Virginia Glaze


The blue blur is back and better than ever; After overwhelming complaints, Sonic’s design for his upcoming film has finally been released, and fans are ecstatic about the changes – including YouTube king PewDiePie.

Rather than the horrific monstrosity that was his initial design, Sonic now boasts a look more faithful to his classic concept, with wide eyes and an overall more cartoony composition that was revealed on November 12.

The net at large was generally satisfied with this transformation (although some – including creator Yuji Naka – hope that the movie’s initial design will be available on a “special DVD version” of the film).

Even YouTube star Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has weighed in on the dramatic change, claiming that he’s thrilled with the “incredible” results.

“Legit, I was actually impressed when I saw the trailer,” the YouTuber admitted. “I’m like, ‘Woah, actually, Sonic looks really good now.’ I mean, you look at it frame by frame… look what a difference! All the expressions and everything. I don’t even care about this film, but I’m just impressed.”

The Swede went on to clown the movie’s original model, claiming that he “couldn’t believe” the team had originally decided on the design – although he made sure to congratulate the animators for “fixing” the iconic hedgehog after the backlash.

“I gotta give credit,” he continued. “They really fixed it up, dude. …I’m very happy for the people that [wanted] redemption. This is what redemption looks like!”

The internet is digging Sonic’s new look.

Although the Sonic fanbase continues to hold mixed reactions to the update, much of the net is impressed and pleased by the change – but even creator Yuji Naka has his issues with the new model, claiming that he “feels weird” about the hedgehog’s eyes not being conjoined together.

The Sonic film was originally set for release on November 8, 2019, but was delayed to February 14 following the mass outrage surrounding the character’s model.

Now, Sonic’s new look has finally been revealed: and whether fans are impressed or not, a significantly more palatable version of the blue blur is coming to theaters on Valentine’s day.


Dele Alli roasts Kieran Trippier’s skills on Fortnite

Published: 1/Dec/2020 12:16

by Jacob Hale


Tottenham Hotspur player Dele Alli has roasted England international teammate Kieran Trippier over his gaming skills, bluntly calling him “really bad” at Fortnite.

Alli has recently become a global ambassador for Excel, one of the 10 League of Legends teams in the LEC and a powerhouse of UK esports, having made clear his love of gaming in recent years with his streams on Twitch.

Dele sat down to talk about his love of gaming with Excel, discussing FIFA, Fortnite, and some of the other top footballers he’s played with — but had a few less-than-savoury thoughts on his former Spurs teammate’s abilities.

After being asked who’s “not very good at gaming,” Trippier fell immediately into the firing line.

Dele Alli Excel esports
Excel Esports
Dele joins a growing list of footballers getting involved in the esports scene in one way or another.

With a laugh at his friend’s misfortune, Dele revealed that the former Spurs man, unfortunately, falls into that category.

“Kieran Trippier was very late to gaming” Dele said, offering his former teammate somewhat of a lifeline. Before cracking up laughing again, the star added: “He jumped on it and he’s got a lot better but, at the start…”

Dele continued: “He joined Fortnite when we had all been playing for a while, and it was the first time he had played with a controller… so if you tell him to press X, he wouldn’t know which was X.”

Not content with letting his name be slandered in the gaming world, Kieran himself quickly responded with some laughing emojis, backing himself up by clarifying that he actually “wasn’t that bad,” though it doesn’t sound great for the full back.

Now, surely, fans will be desperate to see Dele and Kieran go head-to-head with one another to see if the latter is really as bad as he sounds.