Pokemon players adore “genius” Mega Pokemon designs

Em Stonham
Mega Slowbro from Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Legends Z-A has Pokemon fans getting excited about the concept of Mega evolutions once again – including one artist who took to social media lately with their Mega concepts.

Are you excited to see Mega Evolutions return to the world of Pokemon? It’s been a hot topic since the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A on Pokemon Day this year, and fans are getting excited about what Megas may look like in a new era of the franchise.

One talented artist took to r/pokemon recently with their own creative takes on new Mega Evolutions and it’s safe to say that other Pokemon fans were utterly obsessed.

Pokemon players love “amazing” Mega Pokemon fan art

Popping up originally in this post, artist TEZofAllTrades posted an image of a variety of Mega evolution designs with the caption “My #BringBackMegas Collection”. The collection is vast and vibrant, featuring a bunch of fan-favorite ‘mons like Blastoise, Ninetales, and Arcanine.

The other Pokemon fans in the replies were, on the whole, hugely impressed with the creations – with one fan pointing out how much they loved the Electrode design in particular. They called it “genius” and congratulated the OP on their work.

Another favorite that stood out for viewers was Tropius, which can be seen on the bottom row. One viewer commented “Omg quadcopter megatropius slays me” and the OP replied saying that they gave Mega Tropius the ability Gale Wings in their full design.

A few viewers did make some jokes about the designs, with one fan pointing out the Mega Serperior design and asking, “Do you eat your Serperior peeled or unpeeled?” A few other fans pointed out Drifblim and affectionately referred to it as “Megamind”.

Jokes aside, though, the designs went down well with the community and it’s clear that TEZofAllTrades put a lot of thought into these Mega evolution forms. There’s lore to accompany each design choice, explaining the decisions behind all of them.

It’ll be exciting to see what Mega evolutions we get when Pokemon Z-A drops next year and whether any existing forms make a return, too.

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