PewDiePie apologizes for snapping at fans after PlayStation name leak

Brent Koepp
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[jwplayer IX7jLp7f]Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg apologized to fans for getting angry during his Ghost of Tsushima livestream. The Swede became frustrated after viewers spammed him with messages after he accidentally showed his PlayStation 4 profile name.

With over 105 million subscribers, PewDiePie is not only the biggest individual content creator on YouTube, he’s also one of the most followed online personalities in the entire world.

On July 17, the star became frustrated after his livestream of Ghost of Tsushima was brought to halt by viewers flooding him with messages on PlayStation Network. On July 19, he apologized to his audience for being “too harsh” in the moment.

pewdiepie flooded with messages on PS4
The YouTuber’s livestream was interrupted with viewers spamming him messages on PlayStation Network.

PewDiePie apologizes to fans

The personality opened the upload with an apology for snapping at fans during his July 17 stream of Ghost of Tsushima. Pewds’ attempt to the play the game had been interrupted after viewers who discovered his PlayStation name flooded his account with messages.

“I wanted to make a genuine apology. I kind of snapped yesterday on the livestream towards my fans, and I didn’t like how I did that. I was getting hyped to play the game. I was so hyped to play it. And then as soon as I started, people saw my PSN and started spamming me,” he said.

The YouTuber also said that even though most of his fans didn’t think it was a big deal, he felt bad for how he acted. “I hate being interrupted, especially if I’m ready to do something, and I kind of just told people to “f**k off” and I’m sorry. I don’t like how I reacted. I never want to tell my fans to f**k off,” he continued.

The 30-year old also explained that he loves talking to his viewers, but not when they cross his personal space.”I don’t mind talking to fans. I like doing that. But not when it’s intruding on my own space,” he said, before he reiterated that he wasn’t angry at his fans, just frustrated by those spamming his personal account in the middle of a stream.

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The incident the entertainer was talking about happened on July 17 during his first livestream of Sucker Punch Productions latest release Ghost of Tsushima. His attempt to play it in front of thousands of viewers was quickly interrupted when he showed his PlayStation username.

As the game’s opening sequence began to play, PewDiePie was suddenly hit with invites and messages on his account. “F**k off! I don’t care. Oh my God, please!” he exclaimed. “Why!? I hate you all so much. You ruin all fun. F**k off, you are so annoying!”

The Swedish creator became frustrated as he was overwhelmed with notifications. “F**king children. What, I show my account for two seconds, and this is what you did? Way to ruin everything. Do you guys have no friends, is that the issue? God, you guys, what is your problem?”

PewDiePie immediately apologized after getting upset during the broadcast, and stated, “Sorry. I was a little harsh there, I apologize. I regret what I said when I was angry.” However, the creator wanted to make amends again during his July 19 upload.

The YouTuber’s frustrating situation was compounded by the enormous amount of people tuning in to watch him live. On average, his streams have been amassing 60k viewers, with some of his broadcasts even peaking at over 120k. If nothing else, it’s a reminder of how careful popular personalities have to be with keeping their information hidden.