Pete Davidson ordered to complete 18-month “diversion program” after reckless car accident

Molly Byrne
Pete Davidson to complete a variety of community service requirements after March 4 car wreck.

After being charged with a misdemeanor for reckless driving, Pete Davidson has been ordered to complete a diversion program and community service obligations.

Almost five months after Pete Davidson’s car jumped the curb and struck the side of a neighborhood residence, he’s been ordered to comply to an 18-month diversion program full of community service requirements. 

At the time of his reckless accident on March 4, Davidson was with his current girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders, as the two have become close since filming their film Bodies Bodies Bodies in 2021.

Though Davidson has to take accountability for his actions, his community service has sentiment, as he will be able to fulfill his hours at the fire department in which his late father served.

Pete Davidson and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders.
Pete Davidson and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders.

Davidson to dedicate service hours to a morgue or hospital 

A week before his scheduled arraignment, Davidson’s lawyer reached an agreement with prosecutors of the Los Angeles Superior Court, according to CNN.

Though nobody was injured in the Beverly Hills accident, Davidson was initially charged with a misdemeanor. 

Instead of serving jail time for his reckless driving, which was caused by speeding, Davidson has been ordered to adhere to a diversion program that will span across 18 months.

Pete Davidson

The program will include 50 hours of community service, 12 hours of traffic school, and a contribution of his time to either a morgue or hospital for educational purposes.

Lucky for Davidson, he will likely be able to serve his community service hours for the FDNY at the fire department where his father, who heroically passed on 9/11, once worked.

The fire department has even extended a warm welcome to Davidson in a statement that read, “[a]s the son of a 9/11 hero, we would be happy to provide Mr. Davidson an opportunity to do his required community service.”

The start date of Davidson’s community service is unknown. And though his girlfriend Wonders was present at the scene of the crime, she will not be charged with anything, as she was not driving the vehicle.