Patient mortified after catching doctor watching “how-to” video before procedure

Virginia Glaze

A patient shared the jaw-dropping moment he caught his doctor watching a “how-to” video before wrapping his ankle after an accident.

TikTok is known for pumping out the occasional shocking video or two — but viewers were left totally stunned when one man’s doctor literally Googled how to perform a procedure.

27-year-old Joshua Bulman found himself in the doctor’s office after a skateboarding session left him with a sprained ankle and a fracture in his leg.

However, he didn’t expect his healthcare provider not to know what they were doing… but to his surprise, his Doctor looked up how to wrap his ankle before going through with the procedure.

Patient shocked after doctor Googles how to wrap an ankle

Bulman captured the incident in a video that’s going viral on TikTok, amassing over 1.4 million views in merely ten days.

The short video shows Bulman’s supposed doctor seemingly watching a tutorial video on properly wrapping up ankles. The camera pans back to a shocked Bulman with the caption: “POV: My Dr. watching a video on how to wrap an ankle before she wraps my ankle.”

Bulman’s video has sparked quite the conversation on social media, with some commenters offering their perspectives on the situations — some of whom are doctors themselves.

“I’m in medicine and trust me, you want them looking up the refresher,” one user assured.

“Different breaks have different wrapping techniques,” another explained. “Trust me, it’s good for them to refresh unless you want it to heal wrong.”

“I’m a nurse, and I do it all the damn time,” another said.

Commenters and healthcare professionals would rather doctors give themselves a refresher before going through with a medical procedure.

In an interview with NeedToKnow, Bulman revealed that he wasn’t actually nervous about his doctor’s abilities and echoed the sentiments of many commenters on his viral video.

“I just started laughing!” he admitted. “It didn’t bother me or make me nervous. We all need refreshers on how to do things in our jobs, so I saw this as normal.”

This is just the latest medical story to take TikTok by storm after a man claimed his chiropractor left him in the hospital with a “severely injured” neck.

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