Dentist watches tutorial before fixing patient’s tooth in viral video

Dentist watches tutorial before fixing patient’s tooth in viral videoTIKTOK: bummercreek

A patient went viral on TikTok after showing his dentist watching a tutorial video on YouTube before fixing his tooth.

While on a holiday in Mexico, TikToker bummercreek decided to visit a dentist to get his teeth treated. However, he was left stunned when his doctor cued up a YouTube tutorial on how to properly do the procedure.

In a short clip with 1.3 million views, he wrote in a text overlay: “I came to the dentist in Mexico and they started watching a tutorial before they fixed my tooth”

The video showed him sitting in the patient’s chair, before it cut to him with an apparatus in his mouth that kept his cheeks open.

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The baffled TikToker sat there staring into the camera, as his dentist looked up a YouTube tutorial on a TV screen in front of them.

TikTok reacts to dentist watching tutorial before treating patient

In the comments, some TikTok users said they too haven’t had the best of experiences in dealing with getting dental work done in Mexico.

“Never again will I get dental work in Mexico they did my root canal on the wrong tooth,” one user wrote.

“Lol. My dentist here in the states one time was like ‘you’ve had work done in Mexico huh?'” another commented.

“My dad got his wisdom teeth taken out in Mexico and they stopped mid-procedure for the elote man,” a third said.

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Others said they’ve also had a doctor check how to properly perform a procedure by utilizing tutorial videos.

“Me in Costa Rica when the doctor was Googling my symptoms on his big TV,” one user shared.

“Honestly have seen some of my veterinarians do this,” another added. “Doctors actually do this very often here in the USA,” someone else wrote.

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