Man claims chiropractor left him hospitalized with “severely injured” neck

Alice Sjöberg
TikToker horror chiropractor story

A man has gone viral on TikTok after his chiropractor appointment made him go to the hospital. He has now been left with thousands of dollars in debt due to medical bills.

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has become an app for users to not only take part in viral trends and interact with each other, but also a place to raise awareness and tell stories.

One of the people who decided to take to the platform for storytelling was TikTok user Mr.Darkmoore, who told the story of what had started with a chiropractor visit and ended with him in the hospital.

In a video that has received over 2.5 million views, Darkmoore said he had a ringing in his ear due to a long-term condition he had known as tinnitus. As a result, he says he decided to visit a chiropractor as it was a more affordable option than going to a doctor since he didn’t have medical insurance – or so he thought.

Man gets hospitalized after a visit to the chiropractor

Darkmoore began his story by saying he’d gone to the chiropractor for his tinnitus, as it was only $100 rather than the possible thousands of dollars it would have cost to go to the doctor.

“I figured $100 to a chiro, let them adjust a few things, if all else fails I’ll go to a doctor,” explains Darkmoore.

A few hours after his chiropractor appointment, Darkmoore said he got a headache, which the next day had turned into dizzy spells. He decided to visit the walk in clinic which sent him to the emergency room, where he got a CT scan.

The results ended up revealing that he had a dissected artery in his neck, which the creator claimed was the chiropractor’s fault.

Darkmoore says he was rushed into an ambulance to a medical center for treatment. While there, he was put on blood thinners to avoid blood clots that could result in a stroke. Darkmoore says he was labeled a “fall risk” and wasn’t allowed to get up alone.

In an update video posted a few days after the first one, Darkmoore is seen sat under a tree and seems to be out of the hospital. He revealed that the CT scan showed no damage to their head or brain, just their neck. He soon followed up, saying that, depending on if and how it heals, he’d either have to take aspirin every day for the rest of their life or go through a surgery to fix the artery.

Darkmore captions their last update video, “I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Hopefully ill be okay after 3 months of recovery.”