Overtime Megan gets sent to ER after drinking glass from broken cup

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Overtime Megan claimed she was sent to the emergency room after accidentally drinking glass from a broken cup.

Popular influencer ‘Overtime Megan’ (real name Megan Eugenio) famously went dark on social media in April 2023 after a hacker leaked her explicit photos and videos online.

The incident went extremely viral and sparked a major debate on social media for days. Megan released a statement about the ordeal a few days later, saying she wouldn’t let the hacker “break her spirit.”

In the following months, Megan continued to remain largely offline… but in early October, she resumed her activity, shocking fans with a story that landed her in the emergency room.

Overtime Megan is a TikTok star who works for Overtime, a sports network that makes digital content.

Overtime Megan sent to ER after accidentally drinking glass shards

On October 8, Megan shared a series of snapshots from her life over the past few days on TikTok, showing the influencer’s travels in Toronto, Canada.

While she was hanging out with the NELK Boys, a popular YouTube prank group, Megan claimed she drank out of a broken glass — and ended up ingesting some of said glass.

“Ended up in the ER because the glass I drank from was broken,” she captioned one of her photos, which showed her wristband as she sat in a hospital. “Legit drank glass.”

Luckily, Megan claimed that she was alright. “Doctor said I should be okay, but whew,” she wrote. “Toronto 1, Megan -10000.”

She also answered a few questions in the comments, saying that it only took her about one and a half hours to get admitted and that she’s still doing alright so far.

Things definitely could have gone worse for the influencer, as ingesting sharp objects can result in major damage to the esophagus and GI tract, and even cause infections.

Thankfully, Megan is doing well and continues to post on social media, much to her fans’ delight.

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