Ouro Kronii asks fans to stop shipping VTuber with other Hololive idols

Sam Comrie
Ouro Kronii with mouth open

Ouro Kronii has addressed their concerns about fans shipping other Hololive idols together. While the Warden of Time is fine with shipping as a concept, they stressed the importance of professionalism with her co-workers and asked fans to stop shipping her with fellow agency stars.

VTuber Ouro Kronii has amassed a hefty and loyal following, as the Hololive Council member draws in viewers across the world. Her fans have gone to enormous lengths to show their admiration for her, though the Hololive idol has addressed important boundaries to adhere to.

While Kronii appreciates the passion from the Hololive community, the Warden of Time requested fans stop shipping fellow Hololive idols together.

During a recent livestream, Kronii took a break from playing The Last Campfire to speak with her fans more directly. On the matter of new Snapchat requests from fans, Kronii said “so about some of these new faces I’ve been seeing, aw man. I didn’t think I’d have to address this.”

“Okay, I think I have to give you guys a little talk. I think the people who know would already know, but, don’t ship people, it’s weird,” she continued.

The Hololive idol clarified “especially when we’re co-workers, do you ship your co-workers? Think about it.”

“And if we think logically, why would anyone date someone from the same workplace? That’s not being professional. Everyone’s being professional here.”

Kronii stressed the importance of maintaining credibility: “Why would anyone want to risk damaging their reputation to be in a relationship with someone here? Realistically speaking… you guys know me better.”

While the passion of Kronii’s fans may be well-intentioned, the VTuber claimed it is “hard to understand” why her followers are eager to see Hololive idols in a romantic setting.

“We don’t like every guy that we see or talk to. And the guys feel the same way too, we have a thing called preference and taste,” she joked.

Kronii did later specify “shipping in general is okay as long as both parties are comfortable with it,” so while the Warden of Time is aware of the fact fans love to interact with their favorite streamer, she’s asking them to keep it somewhat civil when her co-workers are in the mix.

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