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OpTic’s CouRage reaches huge milestone on Twitch

Published: 13/Nov/2018 3:35

by Albert Petrosyan


OpTic Gaming content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has reached and surpassed a monumental milestone on Twitch.

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The popular streamer’s Twitch channel now has over 1 million followers, a mark he reached during a late evening live-stream on November 12.

CouRage has had his sights set on the milestone for quite some time and had lately been ramping up the total amount of hours of his daily streams in an effort to reach the mark as soon as possible.

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Once he did hit a million, CouRage tweeted out an emotional message to the members of the CouRageous, the name that’s been given to his community of supporters and fans.


“From a dream to reality… The CouRageous are 1,000,000 strong on Twitch,” he wrote. “Thank you for changing my life. I love each and every one of you guys. Let’s keep spreading positive energy in this world. There is no time for hate.”

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He wrapped up the tweet with a slogan that he’s adopted since the day he began streaming fulltime: “Don’t take part. Take over.” 

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The dream he refers to in the tweet was the one he had since his days as an accomplished caster for the Call of Duty World League, a position he left in March to pursue a career in the content creation industry.


He joined OpTic immediately after leaving the CWL, at which point his streaming career took off in an explosive manner that he himself likely could not have imagined.

Now, he has established himself as a household name in the Fortnite community, in addition to still holding immeasurable respect from those who remember his days with Call of Duty.

This respect can be easily seen by the number of popular Fortnite and CoD Twitter pages that were tweeting out CouRage’s stream in an effort to get people to tune in, drop a follow, and join one of the biggest and most exemplary communities in all of Twitch.


CouRage will be the first to admit that when he first embarked on this journey, he could not have predicted that he would eventually reach the promised land. 

A former MLG intern turned online gaming celebrity, CouRage has now become a symbol and beacon of the philosophy that hard work, dedication, and planning ahead will eventually pay off.

And pay off it has.