“Suns in 4” guy declines Barstool’s offer to set up boxing match against Nuggets fan after viral brawl


A Denver Nuggets fan still upset after losing a fight against a Phoenix Suns fan in a viral video is down for a rematch – and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is down to make it happen.

Update – June 25 at 6:30 PM EST

The ‘Suns in 4’ guy has declined the invitation to duke it out with the Nuggets fan in a rematch, claiming that he “already got a W.”

However, he would be interested in entertaining the offer if Barstool’s Rough N Rowdy shows ever got involved in MMA.

The news comes after the Nuggets fan told Barstool’s Dave Portnoy that he would be down for an organized fight rematch after their viral brawl a couple weeks ago. It’s unclear if Barstool has any plans to shift gears and pivot its event into an MMA one.

Original story follows

It’s not exactly rare to see fans of two rival sports teams duke it out in the stands, but Suns fan Nick McKellar went incredibly viral after his fight with a man known as “Marty” back on June 11.

After appearing to take a punch and  retaliating with a few blows of his own, McKellar cried out “Suns in four” as security showed up. The simple phrase became a viral sensation, with the Suns fan becoming a bit of a star in the following days… and Barstool Sports even made T-shirts commemorating the moment.

While McKellar has been featured in news interviews and turned into a living meme, his opponent has been trying to tell his side of the story and even wants a second round with his rival.

In an interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, Marty explained that, while he believes McKellar came out on top in the arena, he wants a rematch.

“You know, I’d say he got the better of me, but that’s why we’re trying to set up a rematch for you know?” he said. “Let’s see if he really got the better of it. If he did, then he should be able to do it again.”

Barstool Sports, which owns the ‘Rough N Rowdy’ fight company, is down to make this a reality. With McKellar open to fight again, Dave wanted to see if Marty was onboard.

“Would you box this guy?” Portnoy asked the Nuggets fan, who was absolutely down to take the match. “We gotta set this up!”

After a bit of back and forth and some questions about the whole fight incident, Portnoy doubled down on the idea, telling Marty that now that he has his contact info along with McKellar’s, a fight is certainly in the cards.

“I think this is a great Rough N Rowdy. Settle it in the ring. Fair,” Dave grinned.

Thus far, it’s not known when the two will actually have their rematch, but seeing as how all parties involved are interested, chances are we get some concrete information in the days and weeks ahead.