Noah Beck slammed for charging “insane” amount for TikTok duets

noah beck charges fansYouTube: Noah Beck

Noah Beck has once again found himself under fire after TikTok users noticed that he was charging an eye-watering amount for duets with fans.

As a member of the infamous content collective Sway House, Noah Beck is one of the biggest names in the influencer world right now.

As well as having 18.6 million TikTok followers, he also has 6.2 million followers on Instagram which, coupled with the fact that he is dating TikTok starlet Dixie D’Amelio, definitely makes him a force to be reckoned with.

However, despite Beck’s burgeoning popularity, fans across social media are questioning his latest money-making choice – namely, the fact that he is charging fans $10,000 to duet with him on TikTok.

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noah beck tiktok 10kTikTok: Noah Beck
Fans were shocked to find that Beck was charging fans 10,000$ for TikTok duets with him,

One Twitter user, who appears to be a disappointed fan, said in a Tweet directed to Beck: “I am not criticizing you, but I think it is a bit unfair that you charge ten thousand dollars for a simple duet to all the people who supported you and believed in you.”

Another Twitter user made reference to Beck’s past controversies, asking: “Who’s paying 10k to make a TikTok with f*****g racist and harasser Noah Beck?”

Over on Instagram, fans were in disbelief in more ways than one. Multiple fans mocked him for “thinking he’s Harry Styles,” with one fan asking: “Who does he think he is?”

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Even loyal fans of Beck were unhappy by the prices, with one Instagram user admitting: “I like him but not that much.” Other people pointed out how significant the sum was, with one user saying “that’s some college fees” while another hit out that 10,000$ “is more than my dad makes.”

Others users were incredulous at the idea paying that much for a TikTok in itself. In one Instagram comment that got over 23,000 likes, a user asked: “Who’s paying 10k for a TikTok?”

tiktokroom insta comment beckInstagram: tiktokroom
In a comment that got a lot of support by fans, one TikTok user questioned whether anyone would be willing to pay that much for a TikTok duet.

This is the latest scandal in a fortnight of controversies for Beck. In late October, he came under fire while appearing on Griffin Johnson’s podcast ‘Sway Way,’ with fans slamming him for comments he made about ‘cancel culture’.

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During the podcast, Beck said in reference to previous allegations of homophobia: “I’ve done some things in my past where they come off as controversial today, but they weren’t that deep.”