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Ninja’s Wife JGhosty Defends His Decision to Stop Swearing On Stream and Introduce an Age Rating System

Published: 10/May/2018 15:43 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:51

by Calum Patterson


Twitch’s top streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins recently announced that he would be toning down foul language on his streams and some reacted negatively, prompting his wife and manager Jessica “JGhosty” Goch to clarify the decision.

Ninja has of course rocketed to the top of Amazon owned streaming platform Twitch, partly due to the boom of battle royale game Fortnite as a streaming phenomenon, and the increased audience has led him to rethink his behavior while live.


While Ninja himself had already began to stop swearing so much on broadcast, he found himself struggling to enforce a potty mouth rule to some of his teammates – who of course include celebrities such as Lil Yachty, Drake and Travis Scott.

He has also apparently been critical of other streamers such as TSM’s Ali “Myth” Kabbani, for swearing profusely, basically because it will put some parents off allowing their kids to watch the content.


As such, Ninja has decided to introduce a ‘rating system’ where he will insert presumably an age rating in the title of the stream, so that kids and parents will know the level of language being used, and could choose to watch the stream muted.

Unfortunately, some fans criticized this move, suggesting that he was being ‘fake’ and trying to hard to appeal to a mainstream and younger audience.

This prompted his wife and manager JGhosty to make a public statement clarifying the decision, and defending Ninja’s motives.


Twitch itself, unlike YouTube, does not penalize in any way for swearing on broadcast, likely because it would be way to difficult to enforce, and would receive massively negative responses.

However, with Ninja introducing his own manual rating system, Twitch themselves may be intrigued and considering adding it as a site wide application, perhaps one that streamers can opt in or out of.

With the boom to Twitch’s users (largely thanks also to Fortnite) there is undoubtedly a lot of younger people making accounts to watch their favorite Fortnite streamers or perhaps even stream themselves.


Charli D’Amelio shuts down harassment of TikToker who “copied” her hair

Published: 7/Oct/2020 22:53 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 22:59

by Virginia Glaze


It’s no secret that TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has a dedicated fanbase, but some supporters began accusing another TikToker of copying her hairstyle — and the Queen was not happy about these allegations.

Charli D’Amelio is the most-followed content creator on TikTok, having reached a whopping 90 million followers since rising to the top of the platform in March.


Boasting her own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, her own makeup collection with Morphe and her own line of Hollister hoodies, the youngest D’Amelio sister has amassed quite the empire in a short time — as well as a seriously intense fanbase.

While hopping on popular trends is quite the norm these days, some viewers have accused innocent TikTokers of copying Charli, even alleging that older sister Dixie had “copied” her nose surgery.


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This behavior hasn’t stopped, it seems, as other fans claimed that TikToker Madi Monroe had copied Charli’s hairstyle after dying her blonde hair with streaks of rose gold (or pink, depending on how you look at it).

Charli dyed her own black hair a shade of purple underneath, and while it could be true that other influencers have taken inspiration from her new ‘do, the TikTok Queen wasn’t too pleased with those piling on Monroe for her fashion choices.


In fact, Charli claimed that other names like Avani Gregg and Hayley had kickstarted the trend by dying their hair before she’d even made the decision to go purple, as told in a pointed response to the online outrage.

Charli D'Amelio decries users accusing Madi Monroe of copying her hairstyle.

“Hayley and Avani dyed their hair like this before me,” she explained in a TikTok comment. “I did not start this trend. Also, who cares? Madi looks amazing as per usual and she is rocking the pink hair.”

Madi followed up Charli’s comment with a statement of her own, showing tons of love to the purple-haired TikTok guru.

Madi Monroe shows some love to Charli D'Amelio in a comment.


“Why is this even tea?” she said of the issue. “Hell yeah, Char rocks this hairstyle. That comment wasn’t supposed to be rude but NGL I’D LOVE TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE CHARLI SHE’S THE BADDEST!”

It looks like there’s no bad blood between these two influencers, who have had enough of the made-up drama surrounding their hairstyle choices.