Ninja’s manager hits back at accusation of underpaying for Twitch logo

. 3 years ago
JessicaBlevins (Twitter)/Twitch.

Ninja’s manager and wife, Jessica Blevins, has rebuffed accusations of skimping out in her efforts to commission a new logo for her Twitch channel.

The Blevins’ pair a tight-nit partnership. Not only are the duo husband and wife, but Jessica also doubles-up as Ninja’s manager. Alongside running the Ninja brand, Jessica maintains her own Twitch channel which currently boasts over 465,000 followers.

In a bid to improve her channel’s aesthetic, the 26-year-old put out a contest that prompted creators to design a ghost-themed logo to fit her alias.

jessicanblevins (Instagram).
Jessica (right) was the brains behind the Ninja brand hopping over to Mixer in August, 2019.

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Blevins initially Tweeted out to her following, offering $500 for the design and full rights to the artist whose logo she settled on. The American subsequently posted a disclaimer, informing her fellow creators: “just because you pay someone for a logo does not mean you own it.”

After sending out her word of warning, Blevins’ DMs were filled with submissions from far and wide. Any candidates shortlisted as ‘finalists’ were also promised a $50 bursary for their efforts.

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However, a fellow Twitch streamer under the handle ‘Devsolance,’ replied to Jessica’s call for a new logo, by sneer at the amount that she was offering in return for “thousands of hours of work from fans.”

Evidently irked by the comment, Jessica stated: “Just because we have money, doesn’t mean we need to overpay for things,” before going on to explain the nature of the design competition.

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With her frustrations clearly being beyond the bounds of a single-character limited Tweet, the 26-year-old followed up with another post. 

Refusing to be subjected to a label from a bystander, Blevins stated: “I want to support creators as much as possible, don’t act like this is malpractice,” in a bid to shut down any further replies.

With her husband leading the charge on rival streaming platform, Mixer, Jessica continues to pursue her gaming endeavors on Twitch in front of her faithful following.

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