Ninja Underwear Coming Soon in Partnership with Company Owned by NBA Star Kyrie Irving

Calum Patterson

In one of the most unusual gaming sponsors, Ninja has penned a deal with underwear company ‘PSD Underwear’ to create boxer briefs inspired by the Twitch star.

Ninja has attracted numerous high profile sponsorships over his career, even more so since his rise to the top of Twitch as a Fortnite Battle Royale extraordinaire, including the likes of Red Bull.

He also remains a member of esports organization Luminosity Gaming, and so represents their sponsors also – but his underwear deal is a new one for esports and gaming.

More and more ‘non-endemic’ sponsors have been making their move into esports, such as Dr Pepper partnering with TSM, Toyota and the Overwatch League and the recent Tinder partnership with the ‘Made in Brazil’ CS:GO roster.

And thanks to his ridiculously large fan base, Ninja is undoubtedly attracting numerous sponsorship and business offers but this one obviously got his attention.

PSD Underwear is a company owned by NBA stars Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Chandler Parsons – some of which are perhaps fans of Ninja’s livestream.

the official PSD Underwear Twitter account posted the announcement on June 27th, along with an image of Ninja checking out some of the prototype designs.

No official word yet on when these boxers are set to release, but with Ninja’s fan base there’s no doubt they will be a hit when they eventually go on sale.

It takes the typical merchandise of T-Shirts and Hoodies to a different level, as Ninja fans can now keep everything snug with the Fortnite legend on their underwear.

Ninja actually previously promoted underwear being sold by another company ‘MeUndies’, however, it is not believed this was an official partnership. 

The company did mock up their own prototype Ninja boxers though, so here is an idea of what you could expect.

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