Ninja reacts to Summit1g losing massive Twitch viewership by not streaming GTA RP - Dexerto

Ninja reacts to Summit1g losing massive Twitch viewership by not streaming GTA RP

Published: 8/May/2019 0:02 Updated: 8/May/2019 0:34

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star Tyler ‘Grand Theft Auto RP, knowing it would cost him “half [his] viewership.”

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Streamers on Twitch tend play the most trending titles to attract larger potential audiences. But, there are some personalities on the platform who break from the mold in lieu of diving into games they want to play knowing their viewership might take a hit.

It looks like Summit1g is in line for massive hit to his stream’s popularity, at least in terms of raw viewership, ever since he announced that he was going to move on from the popular GTA RP servers in search “of games to look forward to.”


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Twitch: Summit1gThe Twitch streamer shocked his thousands of viewers when he realized he wasn’t having that much fun in GTA RP anymore.

Summit’s change of scenery got a huge nod of recognition from Twitch’s most followed streamer, Ninja, calling the decision a positive one in more ways that one.

“I have to give mad respect to Summit, man,” Ninja said. “To play GTA RP and go from 40-50k viewers to knowing that you’re going to lose half that viewership when you play other games and continue to stick with it, like that’s tough man. But the mental health of streamers, and streamers actually enjoying what they’re playing and what they’re doing is way more important than numbers.”


At the time of writing, summit is playing Splitgate: Arena Warfare and seems to be really enjoying the his time in the futuristic shooter, though he’s hovering around 8,500 viewers.

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The peaks and valleys of summit’s Twitch channel

Summit is no stranger to highs and lows in viewership, as the streamer has routinely seen influxes in popularity throughout his broadcasting career.

During his GTA RP streams, summit1g would easily pull in 30,000 viewers, and on really good days he’d skyrocket to 45,000, pushing 50,000, according to SullyGnome.

Since leaving the modded server’s of Rockstar Games’ hit title, summit’s channel hasn’t hit these same heights. But the same could be said for the numerous title switches summit has made throughout the history of his channel.


The streamer’s usual fans need only wait until he finds a game to stick with like he did Sea of Thieves and GTA RP before summit’s viewership marker tics upward again.