Ninja reacts to viral meme of him talking about "breaking up with guys" - Dexerto

Ninja reacts to viral meme of him talking about “breaking up with guys”

Published: 10/Jan/2019 21:57 Updated: 10/Jan/2019 22:20

by Albert Petrosyan


There is hilarious meme going around of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins giving relationship advice to his viewers and the popular streamer has finally gotten a chance to give it a look. 

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The meme is a clip of Ninja talking to his viewers about his past relationships and what he’s done to get over some of the breakups he’s had to go through in his life.

At one point, Ninja said “I’ve been broken up with, I’ve broken up with girls, some guys… wait.” That slip of the tongue caused him to stop and consider the way he had phrased what he said, but it was enough for the memers to get to work.


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The resulting clip is quite hilarious as right when Ninja says “wait!” the video stops and music begins to play, at which point the edit cuts to one of a moment from a past live-stream when he stands up and greets some of his peers.

During that moment, a gentlemen to his left gives him a couple of friendly taps, one on his back and one on his butt, both of which have exaggerated slapping sound effects edited over them. 

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After the meme clip had some time to float around social media and eventually become viral, it was brought to Ninja’s attention and he decided to watch it for the first time live on stream.


His reaction was what one would expect, he laugh hysterically at the editing, and his favorite part seemed to be the exaggerated slapping noises when he got tapped on the buttocks.