Ninja heckled by Lollapalooza crowd for being a “sellout”

Ryan Hadji

Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins had to contend with some vocal hecklers during his first stream on Mixer – with one, in particular, labelling him a “sellout.” 

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Ninja shocked the world on August 1 when he revealed that he was cutting his ties with Twitch after 8 years on the platform and making the switch to Mixer. Before he even hit the go live button for the first-time, Blevins destroyed Mixer’s subscriber record and attracted close to 500,000 followers. 

He made the move a reality on August 2, streaming the popular Friday Fortnite event from the iconic Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. However, he didn’t hide away in a secluded streaming room. Instead, Ninja was in full view of his fans who did their very best to make themselves a part of the stream – screaming out anything and everything they could think of, including jabs at the streamer. 

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Ryan HadjiNinja picked up a few Fortnite wins during his first ever Mixer stream.

During his inaugural Fortnite foes. Their presence wasn’t all supportive, however, as one viewer tried to roast him.

“Tfue is better!” called out one on-looked before the streamer quickly fired back with “How did he do at the World Cup?” Of course, after being left reeling by Ninja, the heckler had to find something else to try and stump him with. “How much did you get paid to switch to Mixer? 100 million?” he screeched, without any response from the streamer. 

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“Yo Ninja,” he added before trying to start a “sellout, sellout, sellout” chant. Yet, that didn’t work either so the viewer had to return to his first roasts. He screamed: “One vs One Tfue!”

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Regardless of the attempted roasting, it was clearly a successful first stream on Mixer for Ninja as thousands tuned in and supported the move. 

It was less-so in terms of the Fortnite action, however, as despite teaming up with World Cup winner Bugha, the pair could only finish tied 5-6 and outside of the prize money. 

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Nevertheless, Ninja will be back on Mixer for the remaining days of Lollapalooza – which concludes on August 4 – before heading back to the comfort of his normal set-up.

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