Ninja chokes up after fan’s emotional message of support

Connor Bennett

Twitch megastar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was overcome with emotions following a heartwarming interaction with a fan after the pair picked up a win in Apex Legends.

Ninja, who can normally be found streaming Fortnite, was trying his hand at the new free-to-play Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment – joining games with fans as his partners.

After a few games without fans, partnering up with NRG Fortnite pro player KingRichard, Ninja returned to finding people who knew who he was to get wins with. However, he couldn’t be prepared to be overrun with emotions after one fan recognized him. 

NinjaNinja has sky rocketed up Twitch – getting mainstream opportunities like nobody else.

“Is that actually Ninja?” asked the fan, before being asked by the former Halo pro how he was doing. “I’m good, man. Is it for real, for real Ninja?” he asked again, still not believing the situation that he had found himself in.

“I’m not messing with you bro,” replied Ninja, trying to prove that it was the real deal. That sealed deal as the fan replied: “That’s crazy man. That’s awesome. Well, I hope to do you proud man,” before the pair joined a game alongside another player.

As a part of a trio, the pair secured a win in the new Battle Royale title, with the fan – known as shpoonsy – thankful for being able to play with the streamer and also securing the win with him.

Before leaving the game, shpoonsy thanked Ninja, saying: “Hey, you’re a beast bro. I just want to let you know that I really respect you and I appreciate everything you do for the gaming community and the BR community and you’re an awesome dude,” before the pair bid their goodbyes to each other, leaving the streamer overcome with emotions.

After leaving the game, Ninja had to stand up, taking his face off stream before walking out of shot for a few moments as his emotions had washed over him.

Upon his return to the stream, Ninja stated: “What a nice guy, man. I don’t get a lot of those,” with plenty of emotion still visible in his body language.

It’s genuine interactions with fans such as these that has helped propel Ninja up the Twitch popularity charts and into mainstream view.